What Parents Should Know During Field Trips

Oftentimes, parents tend to have this overprotective urge whenever their children go on field trips outside of their school. Rightfully so, since it is a parental instinct to worry about their kids.

What Parents Should Know During Field Trips

Not only that, field trips have multiple factors that may pose a threat to your children’s safety. It could be about the weather or the security of the environment. You may never know what possibilities may lay ahead, so it is always best to be prepared for whatever situation your child will find themselves in, no matter their age or maturity level.

  1. Dress for the Occasion

When you let your kids venture out into the unknown, the best thing you can do as their parents is by dressing them up for the right occasion. Beforehand, check the weather conditions or see if there are is dress code your child has to follow.

Take into account the places they’ll be going to. Maybe give them a bottle of sunscreen or a nice hat to protect them from the sun. An ultimate must-have is by providing them with comfortable footwear.

Since they will most likely walk around and explore different parts of the venue, make them wear comfy shoes so they have a comfortable time when travelling.

  1. Establish Open Communication

Always ask about the details of their trip. How many adults will be accompanying them? What time will they arrive? Are you allowed to contact them via cellphone? Are these locations safe for your children?

Although a parent has to be protective of their kid, be sure you aren’t also stepping too far into their boundaries. This is where communication comes in.

Building open communication with your kid is a great foundation for a healthy relationship. Ask them if they are nervous or if they feel as if you are overstepping their boundaries. You do not want to be labelled as an overbearing, helicopter parent who can’t trust their kid.

Rely on them and trust that they will be responsible for their field trip with the class. You can ask about their trip after their experience, or you can even give out a few questions before their field trip will commence.

  1. Prepare Healthy Snacks and Meals

What Parents Should Know During Field Trips

Supplements are an absolute necessity for your kids. Whether they’re on a hike or paying a visit to a museum, always prepare the most scrumptious snacks.

Prepare fruits and water to keep them hydrated throughout the trip. Or, even a good amount of carbohydrates such as bread, chocolates, or even sweets. These can keep their energy up. Make sure not to give them too many sweets though, because you wouldn’t want to give them a tummy ache on their field trip.

  1. Give Them Plenty of Rest

Rest is vital for a kid, especially the growing ones between the ages of 4 to 12 years old. Before their trip, let them sleep for more than 8 hours during the night, so they don’t get cranky when they’re on their field trip.

Or, after their field trip, let them rest for as long as they want and be considerate of the energy they’ve exerted throughout day. Don’t immediately bombard them with homework or household chores when they arrive.

They will most likely be drained from the experience and it is your duty as their parent to be considerate of their condition.

  1. Try and Be Their Chaperone

If the school allows chaperoning, try it out! Not only would it be a good getaway for you as a busy parent, but it’ll be a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your kid.

You get to travel to places together and tell some silly stories on your way to the destination/s. You can even help out your kid’s teacher by being their guide and watching over the other kids, so their teacher wouldn’t feel too stressed out.

If you wish to chaperone your child’s field trip, try searching for trustworthy transportation like a school bus service in Toronto or other transportation services available in your local area.

Parents worrying about their children always come naturally to them. You can never really blame them if they tend to seem overprotective at times about their kid’s field trips or experiences in the classroom.

If you wish to leave your children in the right hands, recommend a school with reliable daycare centers to elevate your worries. Try suggesting parks or centres such as a toddler centre in Newmarket or a simple daycare for toddlers.

Wherever your kid will be travelling, just be sure to prepare all of their necessities beforehand and trust that they can take care of themselves on their own.

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