What Patients Look for in a Dental Practice

The first step to enhancing the capabilities and quality of service for any dental practice is identifying the needs of potential patients. By offering value-added services and building trust, you’ll be able to cultivate loyalty and grow your practice. With that in mind, here’s what patients are looking for in their preferred dental practice. 


All steady relationships are built on trust and reliance. Everyone wants to feel at home during their visit. Experience is one thing, but knowing how to communicate in a clear and transparent manner will alleviate a patient’s genuine concerns and make them trust you as a healthcare provider.

Friendly Staff

Stock your front office with a friendly staff that exudes positive energy. Be sure your employees understand the value of good customer service. 

You want your patients to have a good experience from the moment they walk in the door. Their initial encounter will determine the remainder of their visit. 

First impressions are the most important!

Be Observant

To stay on top of things, take time to observe and analyze what’s going on in your office. Look out for:

  • Your employee’s behaviors
  • The office’s culture
  • The quality of your team’s dental care 
  • Proper decontamination processes 

You must know what’s going on in your own practice to keep things flowing as smoothly as possible. Observe the inner workings of your dental practice and take charge as needed.

A Clean Atmosphere

Cleanliness signifies respect for your employees and clients alike. Patients shouldn’t feel overwhelmed walking into your practice. 

Vibrant colors that clash with one another can appear chaotic and unorganized. Muted colors are more likely to generate an unwelcoming feel to your office.

Many people fear the dentist. Liven up your office’s waiting area with TVs and good magazines to keep your patients entertained while they wait. A warm atmosphere can settle a patient’s nerves and anxieties. 

Good Behavioral Habits

All members of your team should demonstrate professionalism. Set an appropriate example for your staff to follow. 

Motivate Your Team Effectively 

Begin the week by discussing positive affirmations with your employees. An environment that promotes intellectual growth manifests positive results long term. 

Encourage your staff to take pride in their work. Offer healthy criticisms that motivate your team to be better. Avoid making harsh commentary that influences a destructive work environment.  

Knowledge and Expertise

Require your team to attend regular educational courses. This way, their certifications remain up to date, and their skills can continue to improve. When your patients feel confident in your abilities, your company will achieve tremendous success!

The Latest Technology

Patients want to know they’re getting the best dental care possible. Your practice should stay current in advanced procedures, so properly equipping your office with the latest technology is important. 

Technology is constantly changing. You and your team should consistently garner new skills to keep up with these advancements.  Falling behind may cost you your patients.

Build A Website 

Creating a website is another excellent way to grow your clientele. If your website is outdated, potential customers will move on to the next one. 

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