What People Commonly Ask Before Root Canal Treatment



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If you have a root canal appointment coming up any time soon, you may be dreading it or anxious of what might happen. After all, we’re sure that you’ve heard about how painful and arduous the process is but you have nothing to worry about if you do your research and choose a reliable dentist like this dentist In Grand Blanc to get it done Before you get started, it helps to have all your questions answered and know as many details as possible so you can have full peace of mind.


This article will be just what you need, providing a wealth of information on the most commonly asked questions and explaining all the answers. This means you can go into your dentist appointment fired up and ready to go, knowing you're in good hands. 


It’s also good to know your options and what to expect during the procedure. When you are better prepared to receive root canal treatment in Brisbane, it can be a much better experience. You will come to realise they aren’t as bad as the reputation they have got over the years.




It's great to know what you are getting yourself into before you even step into the dentist's surgery for your root canal treatment. Common questions this article answers will help you understand:


  • What to ask your dentist
  • Things to expect during a root canal treatment
  • The pain you can expect
  • Great things to talk about and how to ensure you are getting a quality procedure

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Question 1: What even is a root canal?


A root canal is to preserve a dead tooth in which the nerve has died but you still want to keep the tooth in the mouth to help prevent issues with bite and to also help aesthetically when you smile. You can also replace the dead tooth with an artificial tooth and get an implant if you wish to choose this option.


Question 2: Are there any benefits?


There are a number of benefits such as not having to extract the tooth and the chance to keep it. This also means you won't lose the bone around the teeth and helping to keep the structure of the mouth more intact.


Question 3: What are some negatives?


It can be hard to get a completely clean and pain-free root canal treatment.


Question 4: What can you expect during a procedure?


During a procedure, you can expect your mouth to be held open for at least 2-3 hours. You will be given a lot of numbing cream and injection, so you’ll barely feel any pain. This means that the hardest part is sitting in a chair for a few hours with your mouth open. It is recommended to have music on or a great audiobook or podcast to distract yourself with.



These are some great pieces of information to help you be more equipped for the treatment. The more you know, the less you have to worry and the smoother the procedure will go.


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