What Should Be Included on Your Post-Wedding To-Do List?




When it comes to planning a wedding, it can sometimes feel as if the day will never arrive. But before you know it, your nuptials will have come and gone. Before you can enjoy your honeymoon, there are a number of tasks you must remember to complete in the days following your big day. Continue reading to familiarise yourself with a comprehensive post-wedding to-do list as well as how and when each item should ideally be completed. 


Inspect the venue   


Your wedding day can come and go in a flash. As a result, you, or one of your guests, may end up leaving something behind. This can include a phone, pair of shoes, jewellery, purse, wallet, camera, bag, coat, or glasses. Unless your venue is fully booked back-to-back, you will usually have an opportunity to return the next day to search for any lost of misplaced items from your wedding party. This is also a good time to pack up any mementos or keepsakes that you can use to look back on your big day for years to come. You must also remember to thank the venue for agreeing to host your wedding and for providing a stellar service for you and your guests from start to finish. 


Send thank you cards 


Once the excitement of your wedding day has blown over, you must remember to thank your guests for joining you in your celebration. You can also send thank you cards to your wedding venue as well as any suppliers or manufacturers that made the event possible. But if you are unfamiliar with the process of sending thank you cards or find it difficult to put your feelings into words, it can be impossible to know where to begin. You must ensure you get the wedding thank you card wording right. If you are struggling to know what to say, this guide has some very useful tips that will steer you in the right direction. 


Ensure your honeymoon is planned 


Your big day may be the only thing on your mind, but you must also remember to plan your honeymoon ahead of time. This can allow you to fully enjoy your wedding day and prevent you from feeling rushed when the day comes for you and your new spouse to jet off. There are a number of honeymoon checklists available online to help you form a basic checklist of what must be done in the weeks leading up to your big day. If you are planning a month-long stay overseas or an around-the-world trip, you may even benefit from establishing a savings fund a couple of years in advance. Your wedding reception will be expensive enough. You must plan ahead to ensure your honeymoon is just as spectacular. 


Get your wedding dress dry-cleaned 


While you may not necessarily be in a rush to wear your wearing dress again anytime soon, you should get it professionally dry-cleaned as soon as you can. This can preserve it for years to come and prevent any stains sustained on the day from settling in and ruining it forever. Even if you took care to keep it away from food, alcohol, dust, or make-up on the day, a white dress can be impossible to keep clean after a full day of dancing, eating, and partying. Most brides keep their wedding dress as a precious memory from their big day with some even passing it on to future generations to enjoy. 

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, it may be possible to wash it at home. Whether you can and whether you should, however, are two different stories. Some wedding dresses are manufactured from materials that are not suitable for home-washing. If you do decide to wash it at home, there are a number of rules you must adhere to. For example, you should ensure it fits in your washing machine and use a large wash bag if necessary. This can protect any jewels or embellishments from being permanently damaged or even ripped off completely. 

Notify the relevant bodies of your name change 

If you have decided to adopt your spouse’s surname, you must inform a number of relevant bodies as soon as possible. Even if you anticipated this change ahead of time, it can be difficult to get used to. Writing a list of places you intend to contact before your big day can save you a considerable amount of time in the long run. Your boss, your doctor, HM Revenue and Customs, and the DVLA should be your first priority. Over time, you should inform your local council, your water supplier, your gas supplier, your electricity supplier, the TV licencing body, your phone and internet provider, and your mobile phone provider. You should also eventually change your name on your passport, in your email address and on your various social media channels if necessary.


Make a wedding album


A wedding album can be a great way to look back on your special day and remember some of the best memories you have ever made with your loved ones. This can be curated with professional photographs taken by a photographer on the day or images you took yourself. A mixture of both can allow you to see your wedding day in a new light and ensure precious memories are never lost. Once you have taken the time to familiarise yourself with images taken by guests, you can take to social media to share them with those that were unable to make it on the day due to prior commitments. Some wedding photographers even include a complete photo album as part of a package deal. 


Return any unwanted gifts 


Whether you are planning to jet off on your honeymoon the day after your wedding day or spend a few weeks enjoying married life, you must find time to review your wedding gifts and return any unwanted or duplicate items. For example, if you received only a number of items that form part of a full set, it may not make practical or financial sense to own an incomplete collection. Alternatively, you may decide to purchase any missing items whilst they are still available for sale online or in-person. Some stores may even extend their discount for items on your registry up to 30 to 60 days after your wedding day. You must ensure this is the case beforehand, however, before simply assuming and losing money. 


Save your wedding cake 


Even if your wedding cake was a hit, it is usually still standing at the end of the night. If you want to save it for later or just take it home as a keepsake, you should instruct your catering staff to remove it and box it for transport. Some cakes last longer than others. If you want to enjoy it on your first anniversary, order a replica of the one you had on your big day. 


As well as your pre-wedding checklist, you must also ensure you know what to include on your post-wedding to-do list. This includes inspecting the venue, sending thank you cards, ensuring your honeymoon is planned, getting your wedding dress dry-cleaned, notifying the relevant bodies of your name change, making a wedding album, returning any unwanted gifts, and saving your wedding cake. 


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