What To Consider When Buying New Furniture

Furniture is an essential component of your home. Comfort, aesthetics, and longevity should be top priorities as you look for new pieces. Are you buying a whole new set or just a few accent pieces? Do you have children or host parties often? Think about your lifestyle—here’s what to consider when buying new furniture.


How much use is this piece of furniture going to get? You’ll look at a small side table differently than you would a cozy recliner chair. As you shop, sit in chairs and on couches. Check the integrity of table legs and bookshelves. Ideally, they’ll hold up to years of everyday use.

The hardiest furniture often comes to you preassembled. If you’re interested in assembling it yourself, enlist another person’s help and use quality tools to fit every piece together tightly.


Wooden furniture should be free of splinters and smooth to the touch. Examine the piece carefully for any imperfections. Table legs should be even with one another (no wobbling!), drawers should open and close smoothly, and shelves should sit straight.

When choosing upholstery for cozy chairs and sofas, think of your lifestyle. Leather couches may be elegant and comfortable, but if you’ve got pets, they may get scratched up. Damask and chintz are fashionable and eye-catching, but they’re not resistant to spills. Meanwhile, vinyl upholstery is extremely resistant to spills, but tears and scratches can be difficult to repair.


The aesthetic of a chair or table is often the first thing you see when you shop. Certain styles may speak to you more than others. Think about the existing décor in your house and how a new piece of furniture can enhance it.

Know what you’re looking for before you shop. When you’ve got an idea in your head of the general shapes and colors you like, finding the perfect pieces will be that much easier. And if your home is an eclectic mix of styles, the hunt for new furniture can be fun! A plush ottoman or sleek egg chair could be just what your space needs.

As you shake up your living space, add a few new ingredients to the mix. When you know what to consider when buying new furniture, the shopping process becomes less stressful and more of a treasure hunt!

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