After you’ve been bitten by a dog, you may feel anxious and scared. While this is a completely normal response, there is a lot you need to do after this type of accident. Consider these five areas to allow you to ensure that everyone can safely and positively get past what can be a jarring event.

Know Your Rights

After a dog bite, many people can find themselves unclear about the next steps; however, these can be a necessary part of the healing process. In a dog bit that causes significant harm or hurt, it may be more complicated than just addressing the wound and you may need to consider contacting a dog bite attorney. It is important that you know that you have rights following an accident, so make sure that you know what you have available to you.

Immediate Care

For dog bite injuries that break the skin or cause serious damage, you will need care to promptly address the wound. Immediately following the accident, you need to make sure that you stop the bleeding quickly by dressing the wound with a clean cloth or towel. Once you have controlled the bleeding and covered the wound, you should promptly wash and bandage the area with antiseptic. It is crucial that you address the wound with clean bandages, as unclean areas can cause an infection.

Further Action

Dogs who are fully unattended or strays must be handled very differently than dogs with owners and will impact follow up action. For strays, you will want to contact animal control to get a hold of the dog. Never try to do this on your own; however, if the dog is a stray, animal control can check to ensure that they are free of rabies. If the dog has an owner, checking with the owner has up to date vaccination records for the dog will be key. While uncommon rabies in dogs can lead to critical conditions.

Follow up Contact

While the previously mentioned immediate steps will be an important step, you also need to be aware of the necessary follow up. After this occurs, it is crucial that you set up an appointment with your doctor to clean, care for and observe the wound to avoid infection or further issues. By keeping the wound under the care of a doctor, you can avoid critical issues that can pop up from infections and improper treatment.

Long-Term Damage

There are times that dog bites can lead to long-term damage. Both physical damage from the bite itself and the psychological damage of dogs is feasible. While some of the damage may be more physically apparent than others, they are just as important. The physical injury is not the only damage that you need to consider after a dog bite. It may be useful to assess long-term damage and assess a care plan.

For those who have experienced dog bites, you’ll know how jarring and scary these experiences can be. The damage can often be more than just skin deep concerns and need to be addressed quickly to avoid long-term issues. Keep in mind that despite being frightened at the moment, you also want to ensure that you care for all aspects of the wound.

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