What To Do With Your Old Family Photos

What To Do With Your Old Family Photos

Plenty of people have old family photos tucked away in closets or boxes for safekeeping. But these adorable baby photos or family portraits don’t do anyone service by sitting in the dark. You may have forgotten about them completely. Get creative with old pictures so you can reminisce on past days! Scan your photos for a digital album or craft something beautiful.

Make a Scrapbook

Knowing what to do with your old family photos isn’t always easy, but you could make a scrapbook! Start by looking at the photographs you have. One option is to organize according to a theme—group photos of family vacations in one area and holiday photos in another. Once you’ve created groupings for photos, start assembling a scrapbook and personalize the pages with stickers or stamps. Or you could write captions below photos to tell a story.

Your scrapbook doesn’t have to have a theme; this is just one organization system. Try different layouts and go with what you like best. If you want to add in information about your family, contact relatives and set up an interview! You could learn something interesting and new about your family!

Digitize Photos

Another thing you could do with old photos is digitalize them. This keeps them safe and gives you easy access to precious pictures. And by saving your photos to the cloud, you can view them on any device at any time.

Another benefit to digitizing pictures is you don’t have to worry about them fading as they stand the test of time. There are many reasons photographs fade over the years. Sometimes there’s damage to the picture caused by sunlight or airborne pollutants. Regardless, physical photos fade. Digitizing your photos keeps them well preserved for you and later generations.

Make a Photo Wall

Why not mix in some home decorating and repurpose old photos? You could take a plain wall in your home and transform it into the coolest accent wall, complete with family photos. Just like scrapbooking, you can get creative by establishing a theme or timeline. Of course, this isn’t necessary.

If you’re looking for inspiration, then scope out the internet for different photo walls. One popular option is painting a tree on the wall to make the perfect family tree!

Dive Into Family History

As you think about what to do with your old family photos, another option is to learn more about your family’s history. Invite relatives over to go through photos with you. Together you can uncover bits of the past. Even better, you can ask older relatives about the backstory of photos you inherited from your parents or grandparents.

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