What to Feed the Dogs?



We can't be the only ones whose pets watch us eat! The eyes can be very convincing. However, one minor slip-up can put the pet's health in danger. Therefore, educate yourself before feeding the pets because an upset stomach can quickly take a toll on them and their owners. 


Assuming you don't know the difference between citrus fruits, a mandarin is flat on both ends. Furthermore, it is sweeter than an orange. Clementine or tangerines are mandarin hybrids. Mandarins, clementine, and tangerines have the same properties as oranges because they are from the same family.

Can dogs eat clementines? It is a separate discussion. Remember to peel them, remove the seeds, and not to overfeed the orange family to your pets. Since the clementine is more on the sweeter side, it can cause their blood sugar levels to elevate. Do not feed them more than a fruit, or you will be visiting the bed in the next two hours.

An orange or a clementine is a very delicious treat for a pet. If your best friend is asking for a sweet treat, do not refuse it. However, limit the amount you are feeding the pet. The seeds can be a choking hazard, so feed the fruits in smaller pieces.

Raw clementine wedges and freezer slices are perfect for loyal pets. You can also mix it up with apples and blueberries. However, feed the pets in moderation since their tolerance levels are different. They do not have the same body chemistry as humans. 


Let us pull the bandage right off! The answer to can dogs eat bread or not is a “Yes, they can eat bread.” You can feed them plain white and wheat bread which is full of fiber. The bread will provide energy and regulate their time in the morning too. However, consult the vet first and do not feed the dogs bread if they are allergic.

Do not solely base their diet on bread, too, since it can upset their digestive system. Balance the fiber intake with regular exercise. Consider the bread a small part of a balanced diet that requires proteins and other food groups for completion. If you continue feeding bread to the dogs, you will notice they gain weight very fast too.

Are you prepared for the complicated answer? Feeding bread to dogs can sometimes react adversely with their internal composition. Before the bread becomes edible, the dough must ferment and rise. And if you didn't know, dogs' internal tracts are perfect conditions for raising dough, so do not feed raw bread to the pets.

Immediately take the pet to the doctor as the rising dough can cause blood clotting, weakness, and depression. It can lead to seizures and coma in severe cases.

Learn More About the Dog Diet!

Assuming you are unsure what to feed the dog or what they are allergic to. In that case, contact the vet. Consult with them in great detail about the dog's food intake and schedule, so they celebrate all your life milestones with you.

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