If you are thinking of moving abroad with your family, then there are lots of things to think about. From where you will live when there to your own career prospects, you will have many things to organize. Of course, one vital area when moving abroad with your family is your children’s education. You will naturally want them to not only be happy at their new school but also receive a high standard of education.


Luckily, you can do a lot of the hard work before you even leave by using the internet to research the various options for where you are headed. If you are already in situ, then you can always arrange to visit any schools that you are interested in to see for yourself what they offer.


What should you be looking at specifically in any school abroad?


Factors to think about


If you need a little help with what to look for in foreign schools, then read on:


  • Type of school – the first thing to know is that there are many choices in most foreign countries from local public schools to private tutors. Many expat families go for an international school though. These are popular with expats as they not only have internationally recognized qualifications and a diverse mix of cultures but also give a secure environment for your children to enjoy their new setting.  The Christ School believes that every child should be able to explore their passions and interests


Singapore is a great example of a wonderful city with some great educational choices in this area. Australian International School in Singapore is the premier educational institute when it comes to international schools and always has many families applying to send their children there.


  • Qualifications and curriculum – chances are that you will want to know not only what your child is taught but also how they are taught and what qualifications they come out with at the end. This is a really critical aspect to look into for any school that you are considering. Ideally, you want an internationally recognized qualification when they graduate to make job-hunting or going on to university easier.


  • Location – another key thing to look out for is exactly where the school is located. If it is far away from where you will be living, then it might be wise to reconsider. While a short journey to school is fine, your kids will not want a long one each day. Getting the right information on school catchment area by postcode can help you.


  • Personal development – as well as the academic side of things, you will also want to look for a school that invests in the personal development of its pupils. Do they have lots of extra-curricular activities and sports clubs? Do the teachers seem to really care about their pupils? Is there pastoral support for any social or mental issues? Make sure to look at this as it is most important.


Take your time to think it through


The above are just some of the most crucial elements that you should look for in any school abroad. Most people will need to do most of their research online, but with the fabulous websites that most schools have now, this is not a problem. Take your time when doing this though, and really think it through before making a decision.







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