What to Look for in Your Next Vacation Home

Everyone loves vacation time. It's a chance for you to relax and possibly take a trip somewhere for an exciting tourist experience. 

You can stay at various types of places during vacation–hostels, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and so on, depending on your budget or preferences. Depending on the type of lodging, you'll have access to a room and a bathroom. Both of these are standard in any vacation accommodation.

Vacation homes offer you the chance to have these amenities and more to yourself. No need for shared spaces or limited amenities. Make yourself feel at home while away from home by staying at a vacation home. It's a cozy space for you to call your own for the duration of your vacation. You can't call just anywhere your vacation home, though. You have to choose carefully when looking for one. Vacation rental management companies work hard to provide you with the best amenities you desire.

This article shares tips on what to look for in your next vacation home. Keep reading to find out more.

5 Things to Look for in Your Next Vacation Home


Your potential vacation home location is a good place to start when looking for one. What sort of location would suit you? Think about where the property is located. Do you prefer a place near the beach that's perfect for summer or near the mountains where you can ski in the winter? 

Think also about the distance of its location from other places. How far is it from the airport, the hospital, shops, sightseeing spots, and other homes, and does that matter to you? You might not want to drive long distances to explore your vacation spot. You also might find it more comforting to know there's a clinic or hospital close by in case of any health emergency.

If you find isolation appealing, you'll probably want to pick a vacation home in a location away from the hubbub of a busy area. You'll also want to avoid places with a high tourist population during peak tourist seasons. 


The size of your potential vacation home should be taken into account. You want a spacious home with 4-5 bedrooms if you have a large family. A single bedroom home would be suitable if it's just you and your partner. Also, think about the number of bathrooms available. More bathrooms are great for a large family to speed up getting ready in the mornings. In comparison, fewer bathrooms are okay for small families.


Your potential vacation home should have many non-basic amenities in addition to its basic amenities. A well-equipped, well-stocked kitchen, a laundry room, parking space, pool, toiletries, and a TV are common amenities in vacation homes. Your ideal vacation home should make you feel like you've got everything you need.

If you're buying a vacation home and plan on renting it out, here's a checklist to refer to to ensure you have the must-have amenities in your home for your guests to enjoy.

WiFi and Streaming Services

The availability of WiFi in any vacation home is a must. You should be able to access the internet from the comfort of your vacation home. If anyone needs to reach you in the event of an emergency or even just to check in, they should be able to do so. However, if you'd like to take a break from communicating with people while on vacation in favor of going off the grid, then you wouldn't mind choosing a place without access to WiFi.

With the availability of WiFi comes streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu. Consider your ability to access your favorite shows while on vacation. So, instead of waiting until you return home to binge all five seasons of that show you love, you can watch it while on vacation.


Is your potential vacation home child-friendly? If you have children, then it's a priority. A child-friendly vacation home offers amenities and activities for kids. It is furnished with children in mind, meaning it is childproof.

Look out for games, video games, bunk beds or twin beds, toys, and books in your potential vacation home if you have kids. If you have babies, consider the availability of cribs, strollers and highchairs, so you don't have to bring your own.

Should You Rent or Buy a Vacation Home?

Should you rent a home for the duration of your vacation, or should you buy a home that you can retreat to for a relaxing getaway? Look at the pros and cons of renting versus buying a vacation home.

Pros of renting a vacation home:

  • Freedom to stay at different places while on vacation, instead of being limited to a single place.
  • You don't have to pay maintenance fees, repair fees, property taxes, or insurance.
  • You get to enjoy the benefits of home while on vacation.

Cons of renting a vacation home:

  • It might not always be available.
  • There might be limitations; you might not be able to bring your pets along, or the place might not be child friendly.
  • You can't change things about it that you don't like.

Pros of buying a vacation home:

  • You have a home away from home you can spend time in whenever you want.
  • It's always available to you.
  • You can rent it out for extra income when you aren't using it.
  • It's a valuable asset that appreciates with time. So the longer you keep your property, the more its value increases. If you're looking to sell in the long run, it's a terrific investment.

Cons of buying a vacation home:

  • As the owner, you're responsible for its maintenance and repairs.
  • It's costlier than renting a place.
  • You have to pay for mortgages, property taxes, and insurance.
  • Income from rent may barely cover the maintenance cost.
  • The return on investment might not be great. Hence, it's a risky investment.

Whether you rent or buy a vacation home depends on your budget and commitment. Weigh the pros and cons to decide which option is better.

Enjoy Your Home Away from Home

Instead of a hotel or bed and breakfast, opt for a vacation home you can return to after a day of exploring while on vacation. Why not go for a home you can temporarily call home while on vacation? A place that offers you the comforts of home in whatever destination you've chosen as your vacation spot. Look for those must-haves that'll make it the perfect place for you to ensure you get the best value for your money.

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