What Type of Area Rug Is Best for Your Home?

When it comes time to pick out an area rug for your living space, it's always good to consider multiple factors; the material, size, and style of the carpet all have different impacts on your space depending on where you decide to put it. Here are a few helpful things to keep in mind when trying to figure out what type of area rug is best for your home.

The Size

One of the essential things to know about your rug's size is that it impacts how big the room feels. A larger rug often makes a room feel larger, while a smaller rug makes an area feel more confined. A good rule of thumb is that an area rug should extend at least six inches from your larger furniture on all sides. This method allows you to organize your furniture without spilling over the rug and creating an awkward feeling. Just remember that an area rug serves a different purpose from carpeting, so a rug that pushes too close to the edge of your flooring may not achieve the desired effect.

Common Materials

Area rugs come in many different materials. When trying to find the area rug that is best for your home, consider where you're placing the rug. Areas with much more foot traffic, like foyers or living rooms, should be made of a sturdier material. Picking the right material for each room of your home is a good step toward ensuring your area rug lasts as long as possible.

Your Own Style

Naturally, there is no one perfect style for an area rug—you want to find one that matches the décor of your home. For instance, a vibrant Victorian-era pattern doesn't look the best with modern-style furniture. Or specific colors might not coordinate with the color of your wall. If most of your home uses neutral colors, it's a good idea to find colors or patterns that complement those features rather than pull focus from them.

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