It’s easy to turn on the tap and get a fresh glass of water. But how often do you consider the quality if this water and whether it can have a negative impact on your health?

Water is essential for all forms of life on this planet but that doesn’t mean all water is good for you.

This is why so many people look for the best Sydney water filters to help ensure the water they drink is safe.

There are several health issues you should be aware of before you take your next drink of water:

Inflammation Of Bowels & Digestive System

Pesticides are used by most farmers and many people at home. They are excellent at reducing weeds and even controlling pest invasions.

However, these pesticides soak into the soil and eventually into the water system.

They will then have a negative impact on your digestive system. In extreme cases pesticides can cause your central nervous system to fail; causing your heart to stop working.

The same issues can be caused by the fertilizers used by farmers or by those trying to grow plants and vegetables at home.

E.Coli, Hepatitis & Dysentry

These diseases can be deadly and are all generally found in human waste. The problem is when the waste removal facilities are not working properly. This waste can then seep into the surrounding ground and cause the water to become contaminated.

This can then make you seriously ill.

Bloating, Cramping & Convulsions

Arsenic is a deadly poison that you would never knowingly consume. However, it can actually enter the water supply as the water travels through rocks on the way to the reservoirs.

The treatment process should remove any arsenic but it is also a popular ingredient in many fertilizers and other agricultural products. It can then leach through the soil and into the groundwater or even into the pipes themselves.

Digesting even small amounts will lead to bloating, cramping and convulsions. In extreme cases it will give you organ failure, blood in your urine and death.


Heavy metal poisoning happens over a period of time. These metals cannot be released from the body. Continued consumption of water with lead in will cause nausea, memory problems, confusion, high blood pressure and even death.

Skeletal Issues

Fluoride is added to the water as it is believed to help reduce cavities in children. While there appears to be some truth in this it is also worth noting that excess levels of fluoride causes joint pain. It can actually damage your bones and weaken your skeleton.

This is not something you want.

Lack Of Oxygen

Nitrates in the soil can leach into the water system. Once you consume them they will inhibit your ability to move oxygen effectively round your body.

The result is a lack of energy, organ failure and even death if left untreated. It is what causes blue baby syndrome.

Now you know the health risks it’s time to take precautions.


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