Vlogging is revolutionizing the way that content is delivered on the internet. Gone are the days of reading boring, uneventful posts. Information is now shared via video, allowing the person watching to feel like they are a part of every story. Bloggers themselves are more successful than most written bloggers and have found clever and unique ways to deliver their messages in their own ways, staying true to themselves.

What is Vlogging?

Simply put, vlogging is getting your message out using video, instead of the written word. Vlogging can be done for just about anything. Promoting your website, yourself, new products, product demos, product reviews, news, entertainment gossip, educational learnings, selling products, the list goes on and on of what Vlogging can do.


Vlogging has many benefits over the written word. You can engage directly with the audience watching you, you can reach more people, including those with disabilities that cannot benefit from the written word, and you can really let your true emotion show to your audience. Written word requires much thought put into each word to drive home the emotion you are trying to convey. Vlogging allows for emotional video, where the person delivering the message can show emotion through body language and pictures. It creates a much easier way for someone to convey their feelings and emotions.

How do I start Vlogging?

In order to vlog, you need a camera to record your videos. Vdashcam.com is a good source to find out the most about which cameras are right for you. When filming, you will either need equipment to hold the camera for you or someone to hold the camera while you record your content. Once you have made your video, you need to review it and either edit it with software or remake the entire video. Most people prefer to edit the video over shooting it over again.


Once your video is ready to load, you need a way to get it on the internet. Smartphones, tablets, and computers can all upload your content. Where you place your video is the next thing to think about. YouTube has become the most popular way to get your Vlogging out to the masses with little to no cost. Some people have personal websites that they upload their videos to. Some sites do come with a cost to upload, so pay attention to the fine print!


Vloggers can very quickly get a large following of fans if the masses like the person and their content. Some are becoming overnight household names and are making a full time living off of their Vlogging. Several years ago no one could have imagined that vlogging would be changing the modern world and people were becoming rich and famous doing it. Many famous vloggers started out in basements, spare bedrooms, and kitchen counters, only wanting to provide news or information that was important to them. Never did anyone think that these would be the people to change how we receive information.


Vlogging is changing the way the world finds out about information. In a matter of seconds, videos can be made and uploaded for anyone to see. Critical information can get out faster than ever before, which has saved lives. People who could not read or see can now have the same information, in the same way, as everyone else. The use of Vlogging truly is changing the way the world gets information.

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