Even though bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in a house, it doesn't necessarily mean that renovating them will be an equally small project as well. In some scenarios, removing what is already there may require you to smash up a lot of dusty plaster, cast iron and concrete material. Furthermore, the rebuild will probably need nearly as many functional and aesthetic decisions as redoing the kitchen would complex home modifications. Not forgetting the host of construction workers you'll require, from tile guys to plumbers to electricians. A bathroom renovation is no small feat.

Anyway, below are a few things you need to consider before going on ahead with the renovation of your bathroom.

1. Keep Your Spending In Check

Most experts on such kind of things advice that you limit the renovation budget to around five percent of your home's value for the guest bathroom or powder room and about ten percent for the master bathroom, which is presumably your own private bathroom. However, these figures are for when you have existing bathrooms that happen to be in a very terrible state, or is either out of style or date. Remodeling a bathroom that's more or less perfectly fine is never an investment that'll prove worthwhile. So, assuming it's aesthetically or functionally obsolete, you might want to consider the formula we've provided you with.

2. Avoid Reinventing The Entire Layout

Keeping as many of the newly installed plumbing fixtures as you can, such as the tub, sink, toilet, in the same positions as the old ones where can help you make up some of the costs. For example, in 2nd-floor bathrooms, every fixture you return where its predecessor used to stand could end up saving you as much as five hundred dollars because you'll be avoiding the need to run brand new supply and drain pipes. 1st-floor renovations, unfortunately, do not have very significant savings possibilities in this aspect.

3. Design For Accessibility

Easy-to-grip lever faucets and handheld showers can be installed at any time and work well with people of all abilities. However, permanent features should be planned for very early on in small bathroom renovations. You should secure grab bars to blocking between the wall studs as well as placing them about thirty-four to thirty-eight inches off the bathroom floor. A few other things you should consider when it comes to accessibility is a wider doorway, a lower sink height, for those of you that aren't professional basketball players that is, and a barrier-free shower. Looking for a bathroom renovation contractors is the best way to get the bathroom of your dreams. 

4. Amping Up Your Wiring

Years and years of high-powered hair drying and such has probably helped in greatly abusing that 15-amp wiring you've got going on in your bathroom. So, when you are swapping your GFCI outlets don't forget to replace the wiring as well. Everything should get a facelift.


All in all, what always has to be kept in mind when it comes to bathroom renovations is functionality. Without that, the whole plot will be one that's a bit skewed in nature. With that said, now you know a little about where to begin. Give your bathrooms that much needed a facelift. It's something you won't regret.


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