What You Need To Consider When Redesigning Your Bathroom



The bathroom is often a bugbear of many homeowners and is often one of the rooms they want to change most. There are many ways to transform your bathroom into a luxurious one and ensure that it is a practical use of space. If you are looking to renovate your bathroom soon, you can get plenty of inspiration on websites such as Pinterest. However, you will need to consider various factors to ensure you design a bathroom that will be perfect for you and your family, and some of these are below.


Your Budget


One of the most significant factors for your new bathroom is your budget and how much you can afford to spend on it. Many people have a champagne requirement on a beer budget, so you will need to work out how much you can afford to spend and then stretch your budget as far as you can. You can visit a nearby showroom and see what is available to give you an idea of what you can afford.


The Available Space


The space you have available is another vital factor that you need to consider. The area will dictate what you can and cannot include in your bathroom, and unless you steal space from your bedrooms, this factor will not change. However, if you have limited space, there are plenty of ideas online on saving space and still achieving a beautiful and luxurious bathroom. There are also bathroom designers in Egham as well as in any location around the world that can help you come up with perfect design for your space.


The Layout Of Your Bathroom


You will also need to spend a lot of time thinking about the layout of your bathroom to maximize your space and achieve the look you are trying to get. When you're redecorating on a budget, one tip to maximize the area is getting rid of the bath, especially if you do not use it often. You can have a shower, toilet, sink, and vanity unit in your bathroom without looking too cluttered when you do not have to include a bathtub. 


Ensure You Have Adequate Storage


There’s a reason visiting Bracknell bathroom showrooms or any other showrooms in other locations should be among the first things to do. One thing that many people overlook when designing their bathrooms is ensuring they include storage space, which would easily be remedied if they consult bathroom designers at the showrooms. We often have many things we keep in our bathrooms, so you will need to ensure you take this into account and have appropriate storage available. Without the correct storage, your bathroom will look cluttered, and you may not be able to keep everything in there, having to find somewhere else for them to live.


The Flooring In Your Bathroom


You will also need to think about the flooring in your bathroom, and it is an excellent idea to make it a wet room and have tiling on the floor. You may be reluctant to add this because of the cold in winter, but you can combat this by adding underfloor heating. An excellent benefit of this is that you will also be able to get rid of the radiators in the bathroom and free up some much-needed space.


These are some of the primary factors you will need to consider, but there are more besides. Visit your local showroom and see what they have that inspires you. They can also help you design a beautiful bathroom that is also a practical one for you and your family.

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