What You Should Know About Managing Pets In Strata Buildings

Bringing home a dog can be a great experience, but if you are living in a strata building, you need to obtain formal permission before keeping a pet. While the real estate agent may say that the property is pet-friendly, it’s not enough to assure that you can keep a pet in such buildings. The rules for keeping pets in strata buildings differ from state to state. For example, you can keep a pet in your apartment in a strata property in Victoria but on the other hand, you need a written approval from a strata committee to keep a pet in a similar building in New South Wales. For the requirements in Queensland contact a reputable body corporate services company

Application to bring your pet into a strata building

Considering that your strata building is pet-friendly, you may still need to request to the committee before bringing a pet home. The application for the request should have the following information about your domestic pets:
  • Description of your dog, such as age, breed, appearance, colour, and size.
  • What is your pet’s disposition? For example, whether it is friendly or docile.
  • Records of some of its behavioural training or formal obedience.
  • Records that prove that you are capable of managing a pet, such as microchipping, proof of registration, timely vaccination, and de-sexing.
  • You can also provide the records of keeping a pet in a previous strata building and references of your former neighbours or landlords. They can vouch on your behalf about your ability to manage a pet and control its behaviour.

Rules for keeping pets in a strata building

One of the reasons why there are laws and bylaws for pets in a strata building is that many people who live in the same property may not like pets at all. They may think that their lifestyle wouldn’t be the same if there is a pet around. These concerns force states to come up with rules that you need to follow if you want to live peacefully with your pet in a strata building. Here are some of the conditions that can provide a nod of approval from the committee:
  • You shouldn’t allow your pet to roam around common areas in the building. For example, you shouldn’t let your dog take a walk in the corridor when you are not around or maybe climb down the stairs in your absence.
  • You should have a chain tied around the dog’s neck whenever you take her out through the common space in the building.
  • You are responsible for immediately cleaning any mess that your dog may create in the common area of the property.
  • The committee has the right to revoke its approval if your pet causes disturbance to other tenants in the building.
  • You can only keep the animal that the committee approves after you send your application. It’s not possible to substitute the animal with another pet without getting a separate approval.
While raising a pet is definitely exciting, you also need to keep an eye on the rules for living in a strata building with your pet. Don’t let your pet become a cause of concern for others.

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