What's An Organic Onesie?

Have You Ever Heard Of An Organic Onesie?  The One Thing I Know Is That It's The Softest Fabric I've Ever Felt

I'm sure you're familiar with the word “organic” by now, however, a lot of companies like to use it even though they don't actually offer a good, healthy product.  After researching a little about Simply Chickie, I learned that not only do they offer the best organic cotton onesies for babies' sensitive skin, but they also have many other wonderful items for little ones!  They truly believe in keeping the skin (the largest organ we have) healthy because if we don't watch what we put on it, who will?  They recently sent me the cutest Halloween Organic Baby Onesie that I've ever seen.  Oh…and if you want to feel something soft, well, you need to feel this!

What's An Organic Onesie?

What Exactly Does “Organic Onesie” Mean

First and foremost, organic means that it's helping save the planet, which is something we all want.  It's also sustainable, which is obviously another wonderful way this company gives back to our world.  The definition of organic in the dictionary is “relating to or derived from living matter”.  They wouldn't have used any type of pesticides or chemicals on the growing cotton.  The onesie is made in the United States and even sewn with this soft organic cotton.  That way it's as soft and cuddly as can possibly be for the baby that is wearing it.  Would you like another reason to purchase one of your own?  These onesies have only 3 snaps to the enclosure so that Mommy or Daddy can change that little wiggle worm quickly and without much of a hassle.  They're machine washable, lead, phthalate, and flame retardant-free so none of it will rub on your little ones sensitive skin.

What's An Organic Onesie?

Funny Sayings To Make Parents Smile

We parents are stressed enough, especially when taking care of little ones!  This company wanted to at least give you a little smile with these onesies by using funny pictures and/or sayings.  The baby won't know it's there, but that's ok.  Funny things such as, “I Scream A Lot!” with a picture of ice cream and so many other cute ones.  If you're not in the market for onesies, don't you worry.  Simply Chickie has many other products to choose from.  There are baby blankets, baby gift sets, hats, bibs, and more!

What's An Organic Onesie?

Don't let the holidays creep up on you without being ready and organized.  Go and purchase something from Simply Chickie for someone you love.

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