People the world over believe in the power of Tarot and Oracle cards. They get readings to tell them more about their life, finances, love, etc. I recently came across Amira's Love Oracle Cards, and thought I would give them a go. Not that I am looking for love, as I have been with my husband for nearly 17 years, but I was curious to see what was in the cards for me.

I started out by reading through the guide-book that came with the cards. It tells you about the use of tarot and oracle cards, then allows you to familiarize yourself with the cards and their meanings. After getting to know each card, Amira explains how to do a reading. She advises you to find your center as you shuffle the deck, keeping your attention on what you are doing. Look up and outwards to expand your energy, and connect with Universal Energy.

Next, she explains how to do different layouts. You have a three card layout, and a fan layout. With each, you want to focus on the question at heart, before choosing your cards. In the three card layout, you split the deck into three piles, turning over the top card on each pile. This is your reading. The first card is your recent past; the second card, your present situation, and the third is your future.

Love Oracle

In the fan layout, you fan the cards and ask your question as you run your left hand over the top of the cards. You will intuitively pull out your cards to answer your proposed question. If the cards are confusing, reshuffle and then fan again. Often times the same cards will present themselves again. Most importantly, stay focused, and centered. Play around to find your comfort zone.

Love Oracle

You can use these Love Oracle cards to pose a question about a person, situation, or for just a general reading. I will be honest, I did not fully center myself when I was doing my readings, which would explain the vast difference between the two. However, my interest is piqued, and I will be doing future readings. Although, if I had to choose one that was closer to the truth, my first reading from the triple stack, is more accurate.

Are you a believer of tarot or oracle cards? Just curious? You can learn more about these types of readings by following Amira Celon on social media.

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