Here at Things That Make People Go Aww we love tea! But what is it about this hot drink that makes it so great? Well, prepare a delicious brew and read on for some of the reasons why tea is so popular with so many people around the world.

  1. The variety


When it comes to tea, there are so many different flavors to try, brands of  Chen Sheng Hao to experiment with, and ways to drink it, that it is impossible to get bored. You can try oolong, flowering, herbal, green, white, and many, many more. You can drink it au natural, with milk, honey, lemon, and in many other different ways. The wide variety means that there is something for everyone, no matter what their taste is.


  1. It’s healthy


Many teas, especially herbal teas, come with many health benefits. For example, chamomile assists with insomnia, peppermint eases the digestive system and ginger is   anti-inflammatory. And we must not forget the health powerhouse of teas; green tea. This form of tea is believed to lower cancer risks and contribute to a healthy heart. If you want to do something good for your mental and physical well-being, include some healthy herbal teas in your diet.



3. It goes well with food

If you are trying to cut down the amount of alcohol you drink, tea is a great option for an alternative meal time accompaniment. Stores like Global Tea Mart sell their teas along with a recommendation of what foods they go best with. And it’s not just your breakfast that makes a good match with this hot beverage. Many other meals including sandwiches, seafood dishes, Indian cuisine and lots of desserts go hand in hand with tea.

4. It’s budget-friendly

When you think about other drinks you may enjoy, like alcohol and even coffee, tea is usually the most affordable option. And whether you are buying tea bags or loose leaf, you get a lot of bang for your buck. If you are trying to keep your shopping bills low, swapping the more expensive drinks you may usually buy for tea, will help.

5. It’s natural


Most teas such as pu erh tea are made from 100% natural ingredients. With these products, you don’t have to worry about nasty preservatives or chemicals that have been added. Again, consider the other drinks you may consume, for example, soda, which are high in sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. Do check the ingredients list on the back of the tea, however, to make sure you are not buying products with artificial elements.


  1. It helps you reach your recommended daily water intake


Because a cup of tea is mainly made up of warm water, it obviously counts towards the amount of water you should be drinking during the day. So, it’s a great way to add variety into how you drink water and is especially welcome during the colder months.


So, these reasons make it obvious why so many people around the world drink tea. We would love to hear your reasons for loving this beverage. Right, we are off to pop the kettle on again. See you next time!





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