What’s the Best Way to Wear Your Zala Clip-in Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are a perfect solution for anyone who wants to enhance their short or thin hair quickly. You can use these wefts to add length, volume, and thickness to your hair without a permanent or semi-permanent commitment to extensions. With clip-ins, you can apply, remove, and reapply the extensions as you please.

Wondering how difficult it is to apply your clip-in extensions? All it takes to master the process is a little practice. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing clip-in extensions like a pro! 

We're using Zala clip-in extensions to demonstrate how to apply your hair extensions. Zala is a leading hair extension brand offering a wide range of high-quality double-drawn and triple-wefted extensions, including Vegan Keratin and 100% Remy clip-in hair extensions. 

Read on to find out the best way to wear your Zala clip-in human hair extensions:

Step 1: Section off Your Hair at the Top

Section off your hair about two inches above the nape of your neck. Pull most of the hair at the top of your head and secure it with a large hair clip.

Step 2: Use Dry Shampoo and Hairspray

Apply dry shampoo to the roots of your hair, followed by hairspray on the roots. This step is essential if you recently washed your hair. Together, the dry shampoo and hairspray help strengthen the hold of the clips, preventing them from slipping out. 

Step 3: Create Hair Sections and Tease the Roots

Create small segments of the hair and tease the roots where the clips will be installed. To tease, backcomb your hair, creating a little extra texture which will make it easier for the clips to take hold.

Step 4: Pick a Weft

The clip-in extensions come with two or three clips; the smallest ones have one clip. Pick a weft with three clips on it and snap open all the clips before installing the weft. 

Step 5: Apply the Weft

At the spot where you backcombed and teased the roots in step 3, slide the weft from the top and gently press the clips to close them while ensuring the extension is very close to the scalp. 

Step 6: Release Some Hair

After the weft is attached to your hair, release some hair (about an inch wide) from the section at the top of your head. This will cover the extension below and make a section to add more wefts. 

Step 7: Apply Hairspray to the New Section

Apply hairspray to the roots of the new section since it will help keep the hair extensions in place. Now, backcomb the roots, being careful not to move the extension you already placed.

Step 8: Attach the Second Weft

Repeat the above steps to attach the second weft.

Step 9: Apply the Side Wefts

Attach the side wefts above your ears. Ensure the clips are positioned back far enough, so they're not noticeable after you release your hair to flow down. Attaching the wefts in front of your ear can allow the clips to become exposed. 

Step 10: Section Off Your Remaining Hair and Backcomb

After attaching all the wefts, section off and backcomb the remaining from the center of the top of your head, working your way toward the extensions. Doing so will make your hair look textured, besides helping to conceal the clip-in extensions. 

Step 11: Finish With a Hairspray

Finish the look by applying hairspray to your hair. It will give your hair and the wefts a better hold so you can go about your day or night with the confidence that your extensions will stay put.

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