Summer screams for lemonade. The classic backyard sipping drink of childhood, lemonade does more than refresh our bodies – it also refreshes our soul.

Lemonade, the simple mixture of lemon juice, sweetener and water has been traced as far back as 500AD, to the early Egyptians. A popular preventative measure for scurvy on early naval vessels due to its high vitamin C content, as well as during the California gold rush (part of why there are so many lemon trees in California), lemonade really does seem to cure what ails you. It even has its very own day; August 20.
Why not celebrate a bit early this year and make up one of these 12 tasty takes on this citrus cooler today?

Read 12 lip-smacking lemonade recipes here, at Beauty Brite!

Image: Nashvilleonthemove

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