When it comes to color, my sister has the best eye, the whole house flows together. From the living room to the kitchen and all the colors upstairs. It all runs beautifully together, she's making it her own and that is the best part about her owning this house, it's hers to make it hers.

This year she did the upstairs bathroom and I was able to get some great towels for us to use, that match the bathroom color perfectly.  Cariloha makes things for both bedroom and bathroom. BAMBOO BATH TOWEL SET is perfect for those colder nights when you step out of the bath or shower.

The earth-friendly fabric, provides the perfect finishing touches to any bathroom makeover, I choose the Tahitian breeze colors, and the overtones bring out the color of the bathroom perfectly.

Your feeling nothing but softness and plushness with these towels, giving your skin the ultimate in comfort everytime you use them.  Sets include one regular towel, one hand towel, and one washcloth. The viscose from bamboo does not use harsh chemicals or pesticides and can help prevent skin irritations that can flare up with other chemically treated fabrics.


It naturally repels odors and allergens, so your sheets and towels won't smell rancid after a few washes like some do. The bamboo pillows have also helped people with allergies relax a little better. Cariloha bamboo towel sets are optimized for softness, weight, and plushness – not too thin and not too thick – just right.

Extra-smooth, slightly twisted bamboo yarn is loomed perfectly to 600 grams per square meter and features an infusion of special silicon softener, resulting in an even softer, finer hand for increased bamboo-soft comfort.

Finding a quality bath towel that combines luxury softness and ultimate absorbency can be hard to come by these days, but with Cariloha's incredible bath line we’ve given you all that and so much more.

For soft and awesome feeling towels, these are the ones you need.



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