The dashboard warning lights glow and fade away after a few seconds, each time the car is started. However, if you notice the strange occurrence of the lights staying on, then it is time to get the vehicle checked as this indicates an important issue. Neglecting is a strict no-no – you should deal with it without delay.

When I see a light pop up on my dash, I am in a panic. How many of us actually know what they all mean and what they are all about. What do they mean, and whats wrong with the car.

Experts state that drivers need to be alert regarding the “big three” warning lights, as they signal about monitor engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature and the vehicle charging system. If you don't want to chance vehicle damage and/or a roadside breakdown, then this problem needs to be taken care of ASAP:

Engine Oil Pressure

This type of warning light is displayed as an oil can or the word “OIL” is lit up. It happens when the engine loses its supply of pressurized lubricating oil. The engine can be rigorously damaged or a major failure can occur within seconds. When you see the oil pressure light illuminate, pull off the road right away and shut off the engine. Call up a tow company and get your car hauled to a repair facility. It is best to refrain from driving the vehicle during this time.

Engine Coolant Temperature

This light is usually displayed in the form of a thermometer symbol or the logo “TEMP.” A continuously glowing coolant temperature light means the engine temperature has gone beyond the safe maximum limit. If the rise in coolant temperature isn't reversed, it leads to accelerated wear in the engine. A steady increase in temperature causes severe engine damage and catastrophic failure. When such situations occur, check to see if steam or liquid coolant is seeping from under the hood – if yes, it indicates overheating or a leak. Just as it is mentioned above, pull over and call for help. Boiling coolant can lead to burns, so never try to open the hood if there is excessive steam or the radiator cap when the engine is hot.

Charging System

The symbol displayed is a battery or the logo “ALT” or “GEN”. It means the electrical system is not getting power supply from the alternator. Although it depends on the electrical specifications of your car and reserve capacity of its battery, you get approximately 20 minutes of daylight driving time before voltage drops and the ignition system ceases to function. If this occurs, shut off all unnecessary electrical accessories and call for assistance.

Take the proper action and all will be fine – remember this isn't the time for DIY endeavors, as you need professional help!  One of my biggest fears is not knowing, what the lights mean and something bad happening.

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