Don’t think Canada has beaches worth visiting? Think again. While it may struggle to compete with dream destinations situated further south, it more than holds its own with the best strips of sand within its borders.


When the heat starts getting to you, hit the beaches mentioned below…


1) Christina Lake, British Columbia


As wild and spectacularly beautiful British Columbia’s Pacific coast is, there is one activity to which it is not well-suited: swimming. With water temperatures that struggle to reach ten degrees Celsius in mid-summer and strong currents, only surfers clad in wetsuits brave these waters.


Those looking for warm waters while in BC will need to head inland to its many lakes. With higher temperatures and shallower waters, they heat up more readily, making them suitable for families looking cool off on holiday.


Christina Lake is the best of the bunch, as this body of water often approaches 24 degrees during the dog days of summer. In addition to this draw point, water sports are also available, making this a great stop for those who like a bit of adrenaline to go with their day in the sun.


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2) Grand Beach, Manitoba


Driving across Canada on the Trans-Canada highway is a rite of passage for Canadians and travellers who want to experience everything this nation has to offer. After a while, though, the road can get to even the best of us. Take a break from behind the wheel by spending a day on the sands of Grand Beach.


Located an hour north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, this summertime getaway has been lauded with numerous accolades over the years, so don’t have low expectations despite it being located in the middle of the Prairies.


With powdery white sand and decently warm water, palm trees will be the only thing missing on a hot day here. With restaurants, concessions, and a campground nearby, this is a great place to break up an epic road trip between the West and Ontario.


3) Grand Bend Beach, Ontario


Studded with lakes small and large, Ontario has plenty of beaches where you can relax and unwind on a beautiful day. If you are looking for the best, though, Grand Bend will fit the bill nicely. A sweeping crescent white sand beach boasting creamy blue waters, the population unsurprisingly swells from 2,000 to 50,000 during the summer.


When you aren’t busy splashing around, play some mini putt or go for an ice cream on Main Street – there are plenty of ways to make memories in this resort town.


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