The original Whip-It cream dispensers and chargers were invented by their partners in Switzerland. But now they are used in popular food service corporations internationally. While their products are always made to the highest of quality standards. Because they have over 60 years of manufacturing knowledge and international success. They have expanded their product line to include soda siphons, butane, torches, portable stoves and so much more. They have everything you need to fix your Valentine a special handmade dinner.

1/2 L Pro Plus Coated Red


Because you receive 3 decorator tips, tip brush, charger holder and a recipe book. You will be ready to whip, cream and swirl your cream on all of your Valentine's treats. And the rubber coating gives you extra grip – wet or dry.  With a .50 liter capacity that features a head that has a protective rubberized seal. That will offer you ease of use. While it is multi-functional, it will work for the professional kitchen. And in your personal home kitchen. And did I tell you that it works for cold and hot applications. Cream Chargers (N2O) sold separately.

FLEX Torch Red


Ok, let me say this scares me a little bit. But I can not wait to try it out. Because now I can act and cook just like a “real” chef! So, for Valentine's ( and my wedding anniversary ), I will either surprise my husband with a new sweet treat. Or a kitchen fire. The FLEX Torch has a unique rotate flame nozzle that will help with any recipe I try. And the flame is adjustable and will lock into place. This may be what keeps me from NOT starting a kitchen fire. The piezoelectric ignition technology coupled with a precision flame tip delivers unparalleled power and five-star performance.

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