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If you are looking for a gift idea for someone who likes to camp and cook keep reading. Whip-It! has a few products any cook would love to have.

Whip It! ProductsFirst up – The Hot Spot by Whip-It! I fell in love with this when I saw it. I'm an avid camper but I like to cook more than hot dogs and brats when we camp. And camp stoves seem to only have the setting high. The Hot Spot is perfect for us. The flame is adjustable and seems to have more control than my camping stove. Plus it automatically lights! No fumbling with matches. And there is an automatic safety shutoff. My camping stove cannot do any of that. Plus, there is a wind guard so the flame does not blow out and a carrying case. I cannot wait until the spring when we start camping again. This will be perfect for us!

Whip It! StoveNext up – The Cream Whipper by Whip-It! If you love coffee house style whipped cream you will want to pick up the cream whipper. Take you whipped cream to the next level. Think about topping the hot chocolate with it. I'm looking forward to next summer when we make strawberry shortcake! The uses are endless plus using the cream whipper is much healthier than buying a whipped cream in the store.

Whip It! CreamerMy favorite feature on the Whip-It! web site is the recipe section! They have recipes you can use your new Whip-It! product for. You can use the cream whipper for more than whipped cream.  Ever thought of making a curry foam? You can with the Whip-It! They have a recipe for Scallops with Mango Curry Foam and you use the cream whipper. Never would have thought of that myself!

Whip-It! also makes their products in an assortment of colors. Now you can choose a color to match your personality! I chose blue because it's our favorite color but there were plenty of other choices too.

Check out the Whip-It! site. I'm sure you'll find a few things you want to bring home with you.



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