When we got our first wine rack bar we wanted to fill it with all the things we thought everyone would want, make it appealing and yet pretty. Daddy never had a wine rack but he had a bar and kept all his bottles, on it and behind it. While searching for different kinds of mixes I came upon SIA, a Scotch Whisky, two things my dad loved to drink.

SIA is distilled in Scotland and matured, blended and bottled by third-generation crafters Douglas Laing & Co., Ltd. from a perfectly balanced blend of Speyside, Highlands and Islay malts. SIA is imported by Spirit Imports, Inc. SIA is 43% Alcohol by Volume/86 Proof. As many people have inquired, the name SIA means “six” in Scottish Gaelic, which happens to be the founder’s favorite number.

Many moons ago, I was first offered a Scotch Whisky when out with friends, but refused it, thinking it was “too strong.” But curiosity won out, and after my friend quizzed me about my preferred cocktails, wines and favorite foods, he was able to select a variety of whiskies that was truly amazing!

My Scotch Whisky stereotype was instantly shattered, and I realized that there really was a brand out there for everyone – particularly those of us who didn’t know we liked Scotch Whisky…yet.


The story of how this began is pretty interesting, he became an avid student of scotch and the beverage industry, he went on to become a bartender, while getting a lot of doors slammed in his face. He would conduct many tasting tests with his hundreds and single malts. He would use his friends to do the taste tests.

SIA Scotch Whisky is a new and exciting spirit for your modern palate. A blend of Speyside, Highland and Islay malt and grain whiskies, SIA received a 91 points from Wine Enthusiast and an “Outstanding” rating from Whisky Advocate Magazine. SIA makes a perfect gift to new and experienced whisky enthusiasts alike.

The striking amber color of clover honey, SIA awakens the nose with citrus and spice and opens the palate with a hint of smoky vanilla. The finish is long, smooth and refreshing with hints of hazelnut and toffee. The taste is something different, but has blended flavors give the taste of toffee and hazelnut.

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