Home makeovers have in recent years become increasingly more achievable, while many years ago the idea of having a team of professional interior designers marching into your house, tearing down walls, breaking things, and generally causing chaos would’ve seemed very abstract and quite drastic. It is rapidly becoming a thing of the present and no longer just for movie stars. 


The ordinary family can now afford to have a team come in and make their house over, strip that drab grey carpet, tear down that plaster wall, and fix the place up! 

Hiring an Interior Designer or a Contractor 

In the 21st century we have many avenues of interior design afforded to us. Whether you decide to employ an independent contractor and have him come into your home,  inspect it, then pay him to design the house to your specifications. Employing an interior designer can come with its positives and negatives, a team of interior decorators can become very costly, the job of an interior designer is to gut your house and rearrange everything, which can sometimes be brutal. Included will be plasterers, plumbers, electricians, and painters. And of course, a team of workmen for taking down walls. It is not the cheapest way, for sure, but with that being said, there isn’t a cheap way to renovate your house. There are ways to cut costs, yes, but cheap, no.


Sometimes an interior designer will only take the contract under the stipulation that he can have free reign over your home. This can become problematic. There is an abundance of videos on YouTubes of homeowners reactions to renovations gone awry, and some of them are quite funny. It is never advised to allow someone free reign over your home, you may come home and find them to have painted pink unicorns everywhere in your mancave.


When finding an interior designer make sure you find one with good reviews. There is an abundance of cowboy builders on the market who will ruin your home, or take the money and not do the work at all. You should always check TrustPilot when considering a potential designer. Your home is no toy.

How Can I Makeover My Own Home?

It is entirely possible to renovate your home yourself with relative ease. Depending on the size of the renovation, you can cut costs effectively. This will only really work if you are familiar with construction and the structural problems designers may face — you will also have to employ a crew to assist you, or your entire family, whatever works for you. Even if you do decide to renovate your home yourself, you should consult an independent surveyor who can tell you about any unforeseen structural problems you may not have been previously aware of, and advise you on a course of action with regard to the completion of your home renovation project. 


When undertaking any construction yourself it is important to weigh the costs effectively and take into consideration any possible hazardous outcome. Often it is best to just employ a professional team who have years of experience, but if you do not want to, you should follow safety regulations and guidelines exactly to circumvent any possible mishaps or accidents.

A Television Sponsor Could Do The Work For You!

There is a current fad of television personalities who will make your home over for you without you even knowing. A doting family member will contact them and they will pay for a week's vacation for you while they secretly redesign your house. The downside to having a television crew renovate your home is of course firstly because it would be unbeknownst to you, so they too would have free reign as mentioned before, and that when you return to see what they have done you will be on camera, meaning you too may possibly end up on one of the many YouTube videos of homeowner reactions!


Often, television shows will only sponsor the design of your home if you are under extreme financial shortage and you live under extreme circumstances; for example, a wall is collapsing or you have a terrible wood rot and you are at risk of being made homeless. The benefit of having a television crew do it is that they will often do it entirely for free and no costs will incur, and you will receive more often than not a free holiday. Unless you meet the criteria of a television shows makeover program, then it will be a lot more expensive to have your home made over. However, when you design your home you must control it every step of the way. After all, you have to live there, and there is nothing worse than not feeling at home in the one place you should..Your home!


With so many potential options to choose from, it is no surprise it can be a confusing time when redecorating your home. Whether you decide to hire an interior designer, which can be costly, or do it yourself, which comes with its own risks, or qualify for a television sponsor. Redecorating your home when done correctly can be both therapeutic and rejuvenating. Whenever you redecorate your home, you should get the full consent of your partner, so as to avoid any unwanted arguments or confrontations. 


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