Why A Independent School




There are so many schools we can send our kids to, take for example independent schools, they are private schools. I know when I was in high school,I went to a private school and it wasn't so bad. Let's face it no matter where we go to school there are good, and there are bad. I was never the one to get involved with clicks, so I stayed out of trouble.

We love to look and dress good, I always had on my gold plated earrings, to complete my outfit, even though you wear a uniform you want to look and feel great. School days were the best for me I loved going to school and making friends. And of course, learning was a big thing for me, I remember learning Spanish and having to say our Hail Mary in it every day.

Like all other private schools, independent schools don’t receive government funding, They’re funded instead by tuition as well as charitable contributions. Despite not getting money from the government, independent schools are accredited by the state. Conversely, an independent school is considered private but is run by a board of governors or trustees that is independent (hence the name) of any other entities.

There's nothing better than doing your homework or studying while sitting in an Andaseat.ca, talk about comfort and style, not only is this a great chair it's a gamer's heaven. The perfect chair to play games in and be so comfortable.

The important distinction is that while both are non-public, independent schools have stricter rules for governance. Tuition is higher as well. Schools in this category have larger endowments and many have impressive facilities, from state-of-the-art science labs to stadium football fields. They may or may not have a religious affiliation Whatever way you choose to send your child to, just know they are learning and making something out of their lives in the end.

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