Sure thing, we girls would always pick the cutest outfits for any day and for any occasion, whether it’s a date night with our S.O. or it’s just a typical weekend grocery day. After all, we all want to feel good and confident about ourselves. Wearing clothes that we’re not comfortable in could spell disaster early in the day. It could mean being too conscious about one’s appearance, walking awkwardly and appearing a bit nervous in front of others. 

That’s the last thing you’d want to imagine especially if you need to meet some very important clients throughout the day, or if you’re going to meet your soon-to-be in-laws. Understandably, with these important occasions in our life, we spend serious hours mixing and matching our outfits to make sure we look and feel best. Actually, deciding what to wear is probably every typical girl’s dilemma each day no matter the occasion. 

And yet, another dilemma comes. Have you ever wondered why that dress doesn’t look that lovely on you even if it does look pretty in itself? But then, it is surprising how accessorizing it with jewelries can make a difference. Have you ever been amazed at how a nice pair of earrings can make an outfit instantly chic? It does do wonders! These gold hanging earrings are a perfect example. 

That said, it’s just perfectly alright to invest on nice jewelries to complement your outfits. We all have different preferences, of course. However, there are some basic staples that almost everyone can keep in their accessories kit. Part of them are several pairs of gold earrings. Granted, some of us might think twice about wearing gold jewelries. You might worry that it doesn’t suit you. You might worry that it would make you look a bit trying hard. 

Would it really make you look that way? Well, that depends on how you sport it! Nail it right and you’re going to pull off a look you’d be confident in. Below, we highlight some reasons why you should try it if you haven’t. 


It’s Versatile

It is versatile in a way that it suits almost everyone, no matter your skin tone. For fair-skinned women, this precious metal paired on their outfits could make them appear fresher, well-off, put-together or just simply chic. Whereas, for tan and darker skin tones, this can make them instantly stunning, elegant and classy. 

So, whatever skin tone category you’re in, you don’t have to worry whether gold will suit you or not. It’s definitely a gift for every woman out there. All you need to do is to know when to use it and where to match it. 

Achieve Different Looks Every Day

Depending on its style and design, you can use it to top off your casual workwear, beach OOTD or finish off your long gown for a formal event. There are literally many choices available for any kind of day and occasion. There are gold tassel earrings for a beachy, more carefree and relaxed look. And that good old hoop earrings? They’re perfect for almost anything. You can use it to accessorize your plain white tee and denim pants, or you can wear it for dressier events. It’s just awesome how a single pair can be great for different looks. 

Of course, your collection is never complete without a special pair that is reserved only for very special formal occasions such as weddings and balls. These special gold earrings are those that feature sparkly precious stones such as diamonds. It will never fail to add an elegant touch to your overall look. Not sure how to use your jewelry pieces? Read this article


It Represents Strength and Confidence

No doubt, gold is the most robust of all precious metals. It is indestructible. This is why strong, confident women are described as such. As you enter adulthood, choose the pieces of jewelry that define you as strong and confident. Gold is the way to go. 


Are you ready to complete your fashion staple? Go ahead and shop around for gold pieces. Choose the ideal designs for you. Show us your latest finds, too!

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