Shopping for bridesmaid gifts can be a major task. After all, what could you possibly give to them that would ever be enough to pay them back for their time, support, and dedication?

While there is no material thing that could ever suffice their efforts, more brides are considering personalized bridesmaid robes as gifts to their girls.


Personalized bridesmaid robes are a perfect way to show how much your girls mean to you. Other than that, here are reasons why you should opt for customized robes from online stores like Zynotti than an off-the-rack piece.


They Are Unique and Memorable


Personalized bridesmaid robes are something that no one else will have. It is more valuable compared to soaps, vouchers, or even gift hampers because of the time spent crafting it.


Besides, it can also be a great reminder for your best friends that they were an essential part during your big day.


Ensures a Better Fit


Anyone who is well-adept at looking decent knows that getting the right fit is essential. A personalized robe is adjusted to fit the measurements of your maid of honor while providing comfort and ease.


Technically, a personalized robe will provide an amount of additional body length to accommodate the height and body dimensions of your bridesmaids.


Having a well-fitted robe will accentuate the look of your bridesmaids in the most flattering way and ensure that they are confident enough to walk in the aisle.


It Is Affordable


Weddings are expensive. According to studies, the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is approximately $33,391. With that taken into consideration, it is always advisable to look for gifts that won’t break your wallet in half.


Personalized robes from Zynotti hit that mark perfectly. Bridesmaid robes cost as little as $20 and can be customized by adding accessories or the monogram initials of your bridesmaids.


Materials Used are High Quality


With mass-produced robes, quality is often not the priority. More often than not, this type of clothes are directly produced using industrial machines and do not go through the hands of expert tailors. This is not the case for personalized robes.


Personalized bridesmaid robes value accuracy among all things. It adheres to the sufficient number of stitches per inch to keep the fabric strong and durable.


Majority of bridesmaid robes come in satin which adds a touch of extravagance that can make your bridesmaids feel special. Other fabrics include polyester, cotton, natural fibers, and silk. Satin and silk robes, both have a smooth and gentle feel that makes the most comfortable and demanded lounge wear.


It Lasts Longer


You want your bridesmaid gifts to last a long time. Nothing fits that bill soundly than a personalized bridesmaid robe.


A personalized robe is versatile enough to be worn by your best friends on your wedding day. Your bridesmaids can also choose to wear it at your get-togethers or even for their use at home.


Everyone yearns for a gorgeous robe, so if you can give your friends’ one that is strong enough to last a long time; it will make them feel special.

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