Why do people still play Fruit Slot Machines?



Over the past century a lot has happened in the global gambling industry, in fact, so much has happened that the 20th century has undeniably been the most important century for casino gambling ever (although the 21st century might be about to top that…).

Funnily enough casino gambling wasn’t even legal in most places at the beginning of the 20th century, however as soon as it was made legal in places like Las Vegas it absolutely exploded in popularity. 

Obviously, places like Las Vegas are the most obvious thing to take from 20th century gambling, however, there are people who would argue that fruit slot machines were even more important. These came to prominence in the 20th century, and can now be found in bars, pubs, casinos, ferries, airports and a lot more places too! It seems as though people just cannot stop playing them, but have you ever wondered why? Keep reading for a lowdown on why people still play King Casino fruit slot machines.

A basic overview of fruit slot machines 

It might be helpful to give an overview of fruit slot machines here, mainly because the associated term “fruity” has often been taken to just mean a general slot machine over the years. If you’re being particular, a fruit slot machine is one that has the classic fruit symbols on it, and it will often be of a vintage design. 

Although fruit slot machines started life in casinos, these days they can be found in a large variety of different places, with them being particularly popular in pubs too. In fact, a large amount of classic pub culture does revolve around fruit slot machines.

The history of fruit slot machines 

And what is the history of fruit slot machines? Well, the story starts all the way back in the late 1800s, where an engineer called Charles D. Fey first created his Liberty Bell slot machine. This is where the history of slot machines starts, however the fruit machine style has a slightly more complex history. 

You see, gambling was illegal back in the late 1800s, so actual gambling slot machines weren’t allowed. Fruit machines, however, that gave fruit as a prize, were, and this is where the classic fruit icons come from. 

The nostalgic reasons why people play fruit slot machines 

One of the overriding factors as to why people still play fruit machines is because of the nostalgia factor, and this is especially relevant for older slot machine gamblers who may not be so excited by the current crop of ultra modern online slots. 

For many people the sight of a fruit slot machine in a pub or bar is a very familiar experience, and for this reason the nostalgic element of playing these games is very pronounced. 

The financial reasons why people play fruit slot machines

There are other reasons why people play fruit slot machines though, and one of them is that they can actually be more financially lucrative if you play them right. Some seasoned fruit machine players will have learnt a few special tactics, and they can therefore stand to win more money.

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