Some people are terrified of traveling by plane. Not because they are scared of flying, losing control, or suffering from unexpected panic attacks. Many people are afraid of flights because of the breakouts. If you are constantly traveling, you will notice the pattern of finding a pimple or two once you get on the plane. 


There are many reasons behind acne breakouts during travels. To discover the prevention methods that you can follow to avoid this problem, you need to be fully aware of the reasons why a breakout like this can happen. At Natural Acne Clinic, experts advise that acne can easily be treated after knowing its cause. After all, the first step to solving a problem is getting to the root of it. 


This article will explore the reasons behind breakouts during trips and how to avoid them.

Stressful Situations 

Whether you are someone who can easily get stressed or you are usually laid back and chill, we can all agree that the pre-trip stress can’t be avoided. You have to take care of every little detail; from planning your leaves from work, packing everything that you might need, and stressing over getting to the airport on time, stress is in every step we take. All of these situations can trigger stress-related acne. If you are already dealing with acne issues, stress can make the situation worse. 

It’s The Low Humidity 

The plane environment conditions are a big cause of acne breakouts. The humidity is incredibly low; average levels on a plane can drop to 20% of normal levels. If your skin is dry, it’s extremely important to hydrate and moisturize damp skin after you wash your face and repeat. Even if your skin is oily, low humidity levels dry the skin out, which causes oily skin to produce more sebum and oils in order to compensate for this dryness. That’s why it’s extremely important to keep moisturizing regardless of your skin type. Especially on long flights, take the time to give your body the care it deserves.



Changing Skincare Routine 

A lot of us consider vacations to be time-off from taking care of our skin, whether it’s because you can’t fit all your skin products in your bags or sheer laziness. This affects our skin in so many ways. If you are used to cleansing, scrubbing, and moisturizing, you shouldn’t stop just because you are traveling. Make sure to pay attention to your skin and its needs with the right care and essential products. Also, you need to remember that protecting yourself from dust, pollution, and sun harmful rays with the right sunscreen are essential. It’s not an option. 


Acne can form an issue for many people and ruin their day. Not only because it’s painful physically, but it can also have its effects on our mental and emotional states. Taking care of your skin is essential to avoid problems that come from a lack of attention. You need to take the right measures during your travels by increasing your water intake, maintaining the right skincare routine for your skin type, and protecting it from harmful environmental conditions. 


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