We have all experienced calling up a service or a company and going through different departments, only to be put on hold when you are finally there. As a customer, these few seconds have a significant impact on how they see the company.

Now, as a company, you have to decide what your customers are going to hear. Is it dead silent? Is there a recorded message that repeats itself every few seconds? Or is there a hold-music playing?


Most businesses tend to choose hold music to play to their customers. Although Science is not quite sure about what makes the best on-hold music, here are a few reasons why hold music is the better alternative.


Let’s Customers Know You’re Still There


Ever called up a service, been put on hold, and after a few minutes of waiting, realize that the other line has been disconnected? This can be frustrating for customers and clients.


Having on-hold music playing continuously while they are on hold, lets your customers know that you’re still there and that you haven’t hung up on them.


Fewer Hang-Ups


As much as your customers don’t want you hanging up, you also would not want them to hang up on you. Playing music will make your customers feel that you’re there for them, thus letting them think that it’s worth the wait.


On hold music will help your business to serve more customers, allowing your company to grow. Just imagine how much impact the right music can do for your company.


It’s Entertaining


Putting customers on hold will take up their time. Let them know you are still there while also keeping them entertained by playing relaxing or fun songs depending on what you think is suitable for your service.


Sure we said that there is no science to best on hold music, but if you find the right music, your customers will want to stay with you on the phone just because the music is entertaining.


It Makes Your Company Look Good


If you can find the right on-hold music to play, listeners will feel that you took your time to pick the best songs. 


Along with this, having on-hold music also makes you look more professional while being creative. A telephone line with hold music feature shows that it is not just a regular home phone, but an actual business phone that has all the extra service. If you choose to have it, the best way to go is to find a service that can let you select the appropriate songs you want to play.


Although playing songs is not as important as having a low queue times, it will surely help you manage phone losses. The trick here is to make sure you have the balance of both—just enough hold time, and the right music to keep your customers happy and satisfied!


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