Why is it Highly Recommended to Get a Skin Cancer Check Done?



It's important to remember that skin cancer is Australia's most common form of cancer. It can look like a mole, wart, or sore and may be painless. If you notice anything unusual about your skin, such as changes in size or color, itching, or bleeding, it could be an early sign of skin cancer. For this reason, many experts recommend getting a yearly skin cancer check by a professional dermatologist like Sundoctors to detect any potential problems early on before they become worse and more challenging to treat.


Below, we will discuss a few undeniable reasons to get a skin cancer check done. 


Why Get a Regular Skin Cancer Check Done? 


Preventative Care

The first step is prevention. A regular skin exam allows you to catch any changes in the appearance or size of your moles early. If there are any suspicious spots, they can be removed by a dermatologist without causing damage to surrounding tissue.


Early Detection

Even if you have no symptoms, it's essential to keep an eye out for changes in your skin. Melanoma develops slowly and may not show obvious signs until it has spread throughout your body. By catching it early, you could save yourself from undergoing painful surgery and chemotherapy treatments.


Save Money

If you do develop skin cancer, it will cost you thousands of dollars to treat. It's nearly impossible to tell what type of cancer you have just by looking at it. This means that you need to see a dermatologist specializing in diagnosing and treating tumors. They use advanced technology such as dermoscopy, which uses light to examine your skin under magnification.


Reduce Your Risk

People with fair complexions are less likely to get skin cancer than those with darker skin. However, people with dark skin still face higher risks. Those with lighter skin tones are more prone to skin cancers caused by the sun. When exposed to too much UV radiation over long periods, even people with “fair” skin can become vulnerable to this disease.


It helps avoid unnecessary treatments. 

If found early enough, doctors can often treat small lesions without resorting to surgery or other invasive procedures. Your doctor may recommend additional screenings based on what they find during your visit. For example, if you have several moles that look suspicious or have changed over time, then your doctor might suggest regular follow-up appointments so they can monitor them for any changes. 


The Bottom Line 

Skin cancer is a common type of cancer that affects millions worldwide each year. If left untreated, skin cancer can spread, resulting in severe illness and even death. Most skin cancers begin as harmless moles. They usually appear as brown or black spots on the sun-exposed body parts.

That's why early detection is important. Early diagnosis can provide a better prognosis. It also reduces the amount of time spent undergoing treatment. For these reasons alone, every person must undergo regular checkups. Regular screening helps detect skin cancers at their earliest stages when they're easier to treat. Plus, you'll feel more confident going forward knowing you're doing everything possible to protect yourself against this dangerous disease!


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