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Why Might You Need To Call A Plumber?


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There are fewer more costly repair jobs than when it’s to do with your plumbing. That’s why there is an entire industry dedicated to making sure that your pipes are all in working order. It’s not easy to do the jobs yourself unless you’re well trained. It may be slightly easier to diagnose the problems, though, at least, if you know what you’re looking for. Understanding the problems can help you to save valuable time and money when it comes to your repairs.


There are three main areas of plumbing in your home. Some of them are easy fixes, as we’ll see, but others need the help of a specialist. You don’t want to get the repairs wrong, as that can lead to a more costly procedure. Take a look at some of the following problems to determine whether to fix it yourself or defer to a professional.




When you have a problem with your drains, it can be difficult to identify exactly what is wrong with it. Whether it’s your sink or your bath, both of them have a habit of needing repairs doing. A blocked drain may be the least of your worries as this can be easily fixed by yourself. Check out a guide to unclogging a blocked drain to see how you can do it for yourself. A leaking tap, however, may not be quite so easy to get your head around. You’ll most likely have to call upon a dedicated plumber to see to it.




Your pipework is nothing to mess around with. They’re very temperamental pieces of hardware, and can cause a myriad of problems. Especially in the winter, when pipes are prone to freezing and, consequently, bursting. The result could be flood damage! You might also wonder who is best to call when you have problems with your hot water. The answer is your plumber. Do not try to solve this by yourself, as the problem may stem from your boiler. Tampering with a boiler is not advised unless you’re fully qualified to do so.




Your toilet is one of the most complex water features in your home. It has a bunch of different parts that are designed to work together seamlessly. When this goes wrong, you can be left with a toilet that doesn’t work properly. You need to get this seen to as a matter of urgency. Like your drains, clogging is perhaps the most common toilet problem, and can be fixed by you. Most of the problems you can encounter with your toilet can be rectified by brushing up on your knowledge. That should save you from reaching for your phone and shelling out for an expensive plumber.


You’ve probably noticed a trend by now. The simpler jobs, such as unclogging drains, are relatively simple. You can fix these at home by yourself with no danger. For more complex repair jobs, though, it’s better to err on the side of caution. You don’t want to make the problem any worse than it already is!

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