It was only a matter of time before injectable conquered the booty. They had already conquered almost all the eye candy body parts such as nipples and earlobes. The 2016 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report showed a steady increase in the use of syringes filled with formulas,which when used to stimulate your body’s collagen production. Thus, you have no need for a surgical butt-lift.



In this version of reviews we will be discussing why non-surgical butt enhancement has become more popular.


In order for you to get a butt-lift, you can choose one of three options:


  1. Fat grafting


This option is also called a Brazilian butt-lift. In this case, the surgeon takes fat from other place on your body and puts it in your butt.


  1. Implants


In this method, butt implants are inserted to make your derriere bigger.


  1. Filler


In this method, the plastic surgeon injects your butt with a filler fluid. The fluid in use is called Sculptra. It is preferred because one gets a good result (significant augmentation) without using a lot of it. In simple terms, it induces collagen to grow around it. Therefore, instead of pumping more chemicals in your butt to make it look better, Sculptra causes an inflammatory response in your body.


Thus, many people prefer fillers because they fade naturally over a long period of time as opposed to the other enhancements. Also, some people prefer this method because liposuction is not really for everyone. I mean the sucking of fat is a bit scary if you think about it. Finally, people prefer this method because you don’t have any downtime. What do I mean? Once the procedure is done to you, you can get back to your normal routine immediately. You may be a little sore that’s all there is to it.


Every procedure has its risks and that includes the filler method. You see, the fluid (Sculptra) doesn’t dissolve like other fillers. There are cases of lumps and/or bumps when applied. If that happens, you will have to bear the effects until the Sculptra fades over time. Alternatively, you can opt for surgery, where a surgeon will cut out the affected areas.


Also, there is also a risk of infection. This is mostly caused when the syringe damages the overlying skin and/or the filler fluid gets in your blood vessels. However, this is very rare. The common side effect is usually soreness around the affected areas.


Unlike a surgical butt-lift, non-surgical butt-lifts require one to attend a few sessions to get the best results. Darren Smith a New York based plastic surgeon says he would suggest three or four appointments every two or three months. The average price of a vial of Sculptra is around $1000. On average a patient will use a Sculptra vial four to seven times, but some reportedly use 10 and above.




Whenever you want to select a method, you have to know what you are looking for. All the methods have their pros and cons. So do your research before committing to one. For the best results consider visiting a board-certified plastic surgeon familiar with butt-lifting methods. He will evaluate you individually and will then discuss your cosmetic goal with you.

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