Thai boxing or Muay Thai was a relatively unknown sport for Westerners some three decades ago. But, things have changed since Thailand became a popular travel destination. People who visited Thailand have discovered the benefits of training this incredible combat sport. Ever since then, Muay Thai has become a global phenomenon and hundreds of people are involved in training classes every day. It is quite natural for those who want to become professional fighters to join a training camp in Thailand, but why do some people who just want to learn more about this sport go to Thailand?


First and foremost, they get the chance to discover the beauties of the exotic country of Thailand. Even if it wasn’’t for Muay Thai, Thailand would still be interesting for all of travelers. On top of that, the prices are very low in Thailand so you can enjoy their food and most popular places!  In addition, you can join a camp for a lower price then joining your (boring) local gym.


Muay Thai is the national and most popular sport in Thailand. People there are proud of their best fighters. According to some stats there are more than 50.000 Muay Thai boxers and hundreds of training camps all over Thailand. Places that are known as the most popular tourist spots are the places where you can find most of these camps. There are different types of camps, so it’s best to look for traditional camps that have already worked with foreigners. You should also check their offer and see if the camp has the right program for you. For example, if you are looking for a loss weight program you need to look for a camp that has already helped people suffering from obesity.


Joining a Muay Thai camp such as Suwitmuaythai can help you find out more about Thai culture and how to help you get the most from the training classes. The reason for that is simple– the classes are usually lead by professional trainers that were once part of the boxing rings.


We hope that these facts will encourage you to join a Muay Thai camp in Thailand this year!


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