When you’re thinking to yourself, “I need a new car,” it may never occur to you to actually think, “Why not get a pre-owned car?” You may think you’re against it at first, remembering the TV shows and movies depicting the dodgy used car salesman, but in fact the pre-owned market in the US is not only diverse, but also full of great benefits for you, the buyer. Let’s go through some of the top benefits of choosing a pre-owned car:


  1. 1. Cut out the depreciation

The first thing that will happen to your new car as soon as you drive it off the lot is that it will immediately decrease in value — by 20 percent according to some estimates. A pre-owned car comes with a lower price tag initially, and since depreciation tends to slow down and plateau between two and five years old, you can minimize its impact on you.


  1. 2. Savings, savings, savings

Besides the cheaper price tag, a pre-owned car comes with other built-in savings, like lower insurance costs, reduced registration fees and more. When you factor in all these savings, you’re on track to save thousands compared to buying a brand-new car.


  1. 3. Quality of modern cars

Gone are the days of the 1970s where most cars rusted out within ten years or so. Cars are built to last nowadays, supported by an endless array of durable parts and high-tech driver assist features. It’s never been harder to truly wear out a car beyond use.


  1. 4. Go for the luxury model

The pre-owned market opens up a whole new level of vehicles that you otherwise would never consider in the new-car world. When it’s used, you can get the high-level trim, or even just go for the high-end model. Why pay the premium when the pre-owned car can be shown to be just as good as when it was first sold?


  1. 5. Dealerships offer choice and vehicle background details

When you work with a reputable dealership, you can be sure that any pre-owned car is properly certified and comes with vehicle history. You’ll know how many owners it has had, its previous registration status, any history of being in flood or accident etc. You’ll know it all. What’s more the pre-owned market you get a lot more choice of model, year and style.


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