Having sex is probably one of the best feelings and experiences that a human can enjoy in his lifetime. However, there are many people who are not fortunate enough to find a suitable partner with whom they can have sex and enjoy some personal time together. These people can use sex toys to fulfil their fantasies to some extent.

Most of you may have heard about sex toys, but, very few of you may have actually used it or even seen one. Sex toys are also known as adult toys or, to be more precise, marital aids. These are basically objects that both men and women use to enhance their pleasure while having sex or during masturbation. Sometimes, sex toys may also be used for medical purposes if you suffer from any sexual dysfunction.

A Short History of Vibrators

Amongst the numerous types of sex toys available on www.anastasiasextoys.com/sex-toy-reviews/, one of the most popular, especially amongst women, is the vibrators. During the good old days, vibrators were basically in the form of plug-in-the-wall types. However, it soon lost its charm since it was not travel-friendly.

Soon thereafter, the Rabbit vibrator gained immense popularity amongst female users. Ever since it became popular, users started witnessing a wide array of sex toys getting introduced in the market. These are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes. In this modern era, you will come across several improved versions of the old and popular sex toys, such as the Hitachi magic wand that comes with plenty of attachments. It is not just sex toys for women that have soared in popularity though, nowadays sex toys for men are also widely available online.

It Is Time to Normalize

With time, taboo surrounding tampons and periods vanished at the wink of an eye. Similarly, it is time that taboo surrounding sex toys and various sex products should also be removed from society. Having to whisper about personal massagers while shopping for such products in stores, makes no sense at all. This is especially true when you know that companies are listening to you.

Gradually, sexual enhancements and personal massagers are making their ways into several major retailers and health food stores, such as Walmart. This is bound to happen since sexual satisfaction has become a popular market for competitors. Based on the demand and needs of users, companies are coming up with new and innovative sexual products.

This proves that progress is taking place slowly and steadily and it is time that everybody is comfortable enough to speak about sex and sexual products more openly in society. When you speak about sex and sex toys in a hushed voice, your kids learn that it is not something that you discuss in public. On the contrary, if you speak about the topic more openly, your kids will learn that it is a part of normal life of every person.

There are plenty of awareness programs going on around the world, which proves that the taboo surrounding sex toys should be lifted and there should not be anything that would force you to lower your voices while discussing on the topic.

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