Why Should I Put a Liner on My Truck?



What's the best way to protect your truck? You just bought a truck to use for your business and generally use it as a mode of transport. You know that your truck will last for a long time. You may even be considering modifying it, and are looking at articles on places like Fourwheeltrends.com to help you decide which ones will be a good idea for you in order to improve your driving experience. But there is absolutely no harm in adding a layer of protection, particularly on the truck bed, which will bear the brunt of whatever stuff you will load on your truck


Investing in a bed liner is a simple step to protect your truck bed. Whichever type you choose, it will keep your truck and cargo in good shape. A bed liner prevents scratches and dents from marring the truck bed surface of your vehicle.


Why do I need to put a bed liner?

Pickup trucks look powerful and solidly built, with the truck bed often painted with a thin layer of protective coating. But that coating will not last long. What you need is a bed liner that will provide a higher level of protection.


Bed liners protect cargo

Bed liners render your truck bed's surface skid-proof. The textured surface prevents the cargo from moving too much, which can minimize or avoid damage. The bottom surface becomes a shock absorber, cushioning the surface and reducing vibration. 


Bed liners protect your truck bed

A drop-in bed liner is molded to fit the contours of the truck bed. It protects the bottom surface and the walls of the truck. While it is easier to apply and costs lower, this is not a permanent solution. The length of its useful life will depend on the items you load in your truck. The material is thinner and can be damaged faster. Moreover, it leaves a gap between the walls of the truck and the liner where water and dirt can lodge. If not removed, the accumulated dirt and water can damage the bed's surface. 

The spray-on bed liner provides superior protection. The material coats all the exposed areas. When dry, the spray-on liner becomes an abrasive and tough protective layer that will last for several years. It resists water and snow, dirt and debris. It will absorb impact, preventing the bed from having dents, holes and scratches. The non-skid surface will prevent cargo from rolling and shifting. Cleaning the truck bed is easier.


Which bed liner is best for my truck?

If you are using your pickup truck for business, the most viable bed liners are spray-on truck bed liner and the drop-in bed liner. They have similar and different properties that can satisfy your requirements. 


Drop-in bed liners

As the term connotes, the drop-in bed line is a pre-formed liner that conforms to the type and model of your vehicle. It is made of strong plastic and must fit the truck bed snugly. The drop-in liner is usually bolted to the truck bed frame to prevent movement. 


Spray-on bed liners

The spray-on bed liners are made from polyurethane or polyurea. They are liquid form bed liners that can be applied with a brush but often uses a spray gun. They provide better coverage, reaching corners, seams, and joints. The materials become strong, waterproof, weatherproof, skid-proof, permanent coatings that resist bumps, dents, scratches, and other forms of rough treatments. They will not peel, tear or loosen. What more, they provide UV protection.


It is beneficial to install a bed liner in your truck because the liner does not only protect your truck but the items you load into it.


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