In the old times, watches were important accessories that were used by almost everyone to easily keep track of time. They serve a wide variety of purposes including the perfect synchronization of military attacks and aviation timing.

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In this modern time, timekeeping has evolved along with the improvement of technology. Now, people can easily tell time by simply looking at their smartphones. So why, you might think, should you buy a watch when you can use your phone? There are many reasons why. Apart from telling you time, owning a watch offers other purposes which we will discuss in this article.

#1 They Are Reliable

The incredible reliability of a watch is among the most important reasons why people wear them. Wristwatches have been around before the invention of electricity so they do not need electricity to operate.


Moreover, quartz watches are highly reliable even if they are dependent on batteries. Their batteries can last for a long period of time, usually for a year. Most smartphones nowadays cannot even last for a day. In case your watch’s battery ran out, here is how to replace a watch battery

#2 They Make Magnificent Heirlooms

Another interesting reason for wearing a watch is because watches are one of the most appreciated heirlooms. Owning a timepiece from the past generations is a memento of the history that it has lived through. High-quality timepieces are fantastic artworks that can last for a very long time. Thus, you can pass them on to succeeding generations.

#3 They Reflect Your Style

People often use watches as statements and to express their style. For sure, you have noticed some individuals only wearing vintage watches or just dive watches or dress watches, and so on. This is because the type of watch they wear is a reflection of their style.


Men only have limited options for the accessories they can wear. Thus, watches are the best ways in which they can express their style and personality. With just a watch on your wrist, self-expression is made easy without uttering a single word. Here is a guide you can read on how to match your watch with your personality and style.

#4 They Are Functional

Watches are not crucial tools in this modern time. But, they are very functional and they provide a wide variety of helpful functions to improve your daily life. Watches are not just pieces of jewelry. They are practical accessories that you can use every day.


Watches were first used by military officers to synchronize maneuvers. But later on, companies developed timepieces that can survive underwater as well as watches that can be used in aviation applications. Today, various watches have been designed for specific purposes such as for flying, exploring, racing, diving, and others.


Moreover, you will find watches equipped with moon phase features, chronograph functions, GMT hands, and more. It is true that the sole purpose of watches is to tell time. But, in case you want additional functions (known as watch complications), there is a wide variety of options out there.

#5 They Are Convenient

There is no doubt that you can easily check the time on your phone. But, checking the time through a watch on your wrist is more effortless compared to getting your phone out of your pocket just to check the time. Plus, you can check the time on your watch in just a few seconds.


Moreover, pulling out your phone especially during a meeting just to check the time is considered very rude. Having a wristwatch during these times can come in handy. Also, watches are convenient when you do not have pockets or if you cannot carry a phone for some reason. You can always have your watch with you no matter what happens.

#6 They Are Fabulous Accessories

Most people who wear watches wear them as accessories to enhance their appearance and style. A nice looking timepiece can improve your appearance significantly. This is given that you match your watch properly with your outfit.


For women, choosing an accessory is not a problem because they have plenty of choices they can choose from. These include handbags, bracelets, rings, and others. But for men, they will have a hard time choosing the right accessories that go with their outfit. This is why they consider watches real pieces of accessories that they can use without appearing feminine. 


Owning a watch serves a lot of purposes aside from making timekeeping easier for you. They reflect your personality and style so make sure that you find one that best defines your character. If you are still new to the world of watches, choosing a watch can be overwhelming. Here are important aspects of buying a new watch you can read. Hopefully, we were able to convince you of the importance of watches in this article.

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