One of the most common accessories worn by humans are shoes. The major reason for wearing them is to cover and protect the feet especially from the elements, harsh ground conditions, and to prevent injuries. Having satisfied these primary needs, they can be worn for different purposes and for different occasions which can range from formal to informal and casual. Though a lot of the times the purpose of shoes determines its design, in the end, they all offer some form of protection for the feet. You can learn about the purposes of shoes here.

What are Sneakers for Nurses?

A common purpose of this shoe designs is to care for nurses and their feet. There are several types and designs of nursing shoes though sneakers are quite popular. You can buy slip-resistant sneakers from Sneakers were originally designed for athletes and sportspersons who engage in high-impact physical exercises and activities as a way of protecting their feet as they run and jump around. These days, it is in use in many applications with different variations of it. They are mainly made from synthetic fabric and have rubber soles which make them quiet when walking in them. 

Sneakers are designed to be comfortable and lightweight enough for them to be worn for long hours without hurting the feet. They are considered casual shoes, making them suitable for nurses. Some though are made of leather and considered to be a kind of formal wear.

Nurses are athletes in their own way. Although they do not engage in the sort of activities that athletes do, they are the same in the sense that they are on their feet most of the time and this impacts on their feet and ultimately their body. Their job is quite demanding, and a lot of times requires that they stand or walk around most of the day. On average, a nurse walks about 4-5 miles on a 12-hour shift. That is more than an average athlete does in a day.

While this may sound like a good thing as walking comes with is benefits, it is essential that all the walking, standing, lifting, and climbing should be done with comfortable shoes and that is why the shoe choice of nurses are sneakers.

How Sneakers Help Nurses

Increased Productivity

During a typical shift, the job of a nurse entails doings several and you may not be able to predict what a given day will bring. It is therefore important to be proactive and ready each time. Nurses walk around attending to their patients, climbing steps, taking lifts, lifting patients, and sometimes pushing wheeled stretchers and gurneys, etc.

Doing all of these require strength and alertness but if you have ever felt foot pain, then you will know that it is not possible to be alert when your feet are hurting. A nurse’s joy and job are to ensure that their patients are well taken care of and wearing good and comfortable footwear helps them get their jobs done.

Endurance and Speed

Most nurses work between 10 to 12 hours per shift and they are probably on their feet for more than three-quarters of that time going about their duties. Doing this requires a level of tolerance and endurance which wearing light as well as comfortable sneakers can help improve. Added to this, a nurse’s job is fast-paced and because these shoes are light, they can walk briskly as well as smartly instead of dragging and being sluggish.

Prevents Fatigue and Bad Posture

Standing for a long time may affect a person’s posture in a negative way. It can also cause fatigue and stress especially when they are not wearing the right shoes. This can also result in pain in the muscles of the back, leg, and neck. Because sneaker soles are soft and amply padded, they work as shock absorbers, preventing these negative effects on the body.

Note that it is recommended that you sit occasionally and take a rest to enable you get re-energized. You will how how to prevent foot fatigue in this article:

Prevents Accidents and Injuries

Sneakers are light, have firm grips on the floor and are not slippery. In a hospital environment, there is a possibility that there will be fluid on the floor for any number of reasons. Stepping on this with the wrong shoes can result in an injury. Also, as the nurse lift patients or walks around, they should be relaxed knowing that their feet are well protected and taken care of.


There are shoes for different occasions and applications. As a nurse, what you wear must reflect what you do and aid you in the performance of your duty. It must fit your needs as well as the hospital or clinical environment where you work.

Given all of these, you cannot go wrong with a sneaker especially one that is specifically designed for the profession.

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