Why The ADHD Mind Deserves More Attention

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is not a disorder really, these people are just peculiar with many positive traits as opposed to popular belief! Their differently wired nervous system is not impaired, it is rather one of a kind. Many people if not diagnosed as a child, could be diagnosed in their adulthood, or are left undiagnosed. Like it or not, after a while, they can see and sense they're beyond average traits… 


Although ADHD is often linked to learning difficulties, people with ADHD are highly intelligent! They can tackle tasks that others would have given up on, using their creative minds differently from neurotypical individuals. Many times the last person in your team who solves a challenging task has got ADHD. Important to note that a substantial majority of ADHD adults don’t appear to be blatantly hyperactive.


But they feel that way from within. The ADHD nervous system is a unique combination of emotions and attention, and we should note here that these individuals do not lack attention, on the contrary, they pay a lot more attention than others!! It is the sort of attention that is rather inconsistent, not in any way limited! 


When Does ADHD Develop?


ADHD occurs when an individual has deficient neurotransmitters, mostly dopamine and norepinephrine. Dopamine can maintain your interests in the world’s things, whereas norepinephrine helps you with implementing things. The latter enables you to have a better perception of time, prioritize, and make general decisions. If your time perception works well, you will stop any task that interferes with your time-restricted next task.


You then can easily put your given task aside, and finish later because you know your previous one cannot wait. Things that keep piling up in your home, like mails, might seem too boring to deal with, so you wouldn’t open them. You could put them away in a storage box unopened. Even though more and more of us are switching to pay our bills through apps or online, there still could be important bills or letters in your mailbox! 


People with ADHD who ignore and put aside uninteresting things, have to deal with those things once they get overwhelmed. An unpaid bill can result in turning off an important utility or paying a lot more later. These things don’t merely have consequences in your home but can affect your professional career as well. Meetings can get quite overwhelming, as people with ADHD can be highly sensitive to wasting their time…


Everyday Tasks Can Be Overwhelming


Nearly 75% of adults with anxiety have ADHD which causes their anxiety. They have an innate feeling that something is very different from others, and they are very far from the average people. Chances are, they are doing their utmost to improve their state, but it remains very hard for them to make changes. All the mundane things can be overwhelming, like going to various doctors, organizing things, or cleaning.


It is entirely normal for people with ADHD to do more things at the same time. Doing the same thing all the time can feel like it is not enough unless they are medicated, or shall we say, tranquilized? ADHD individuals are aware of their intelligence and brightness, but they just can’t deliver the same way every single day. Their state is fluctuating and so is how they perform, which cannot tell in advance. 


People with ADHD can feel highly motivated when they do what interests them. Nevertheless, they can still accomplish things they like less, yet it can feel burdensome and take a lot more effort. They still have what it takes to overcome any challenges. If you have ADHD, you could also perform better in a challenging or competitive environment, or submit tasks to deadlines. Chances are, you love to experience new things


The Superpower and Challenges of the ADHD Mind


Once challenged, they can turn their higher minds on, ao a typical scenario for most ADHD people is procrastinating. Their minds fly with limitless speed and imagination before getting the last-minute task done, or anything new they love doing. They strive to do quality work, but it can be hard unless the task is interesting, urgent, or challenging. While for non-ADHD people importance, rewards and punishments play a high priority, ADHD people don’t like to think of those. 

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They are simply not motivated by the things that motivate others, although they know what’s important, love rewards (especially positive feedback), and loathe punishment. Yes, they are highly sensitive. Since the typical rewards system doesn’t motivate them, they can often feel like outsiders, not belonging to society, no matter how deep thinkers they are. It’s easy to see therefore why they do not fit in the traditional school system which shouldn’t be forced on them!


If you are thinking the same applies to their career, you are right! Typical work environments, where others' beaten paths and ideas should be followed at all times with no room for their originality to flourish, do not fit people with strong ADHD. Time management and prioritizing can be burdensome for them, hence they usually don’t do well in highly organized structures. They innately lack the feeling of importance, so they cannot pick the best out of equally unimportant things.


Average Concepts Shouldn’t Be Forced


The major problem lies in being forced to cope in a neurotypical world. These individuals must be treated differently, and we have been overlooking this fact up to now. Most people with ADHD are operating from their shame, thus they are perfectionists! Even though they are thinking clearly, they struggle with getting things done! And they are surrounded by people who mirror their shortcomings back. 

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So if they aren’t diagnosed at an early age, chances are, they end up being frustrated and disappointed, feeling overwhelmed by society from which they are likely to withdraw. What they don’t get is, even though they are trying to do their best to overcome their fragility, it doesn’t work. Hence, perfection is their weapon against their possible shame of not getting something done. 


There Is a Solution 


Since it is a chemical imbalance in the body, medication could be helpful. If you have ADHD, taking the right meds could help your creative thoughts flourish without rippling ideas flooding your mind. And you could prioritize better, hence your time management could also improve. Your earlier perfectionist self that tried so hard to be on time, yet always failed, could be released. 


And boring meetings could not give you that much trouble anymore. But medicine is not everything! You should create a plan for what works for you! You need to identify what brings out your best performance, including the circumstances that enable you to thrive and succeed in your life!




With age, many disorders, including ADHD should get better. Never truly switching off, but always being on standby can have many implications on someone’s lifestyle, health, and connections. It has been normal not to understand the problems or differences of an ADHD person up to now. What’s worse, especially when undiagnosed, the people with ADHD cannot find out why they are different, either!

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