The world around is fastly growing whether we like it or not. We may not even notice the subtle changes it brings. In this fast-paced world of ours, people do business in the most unconventional ways. Instead of posters on walls, ads become displayed online. Instead of door-to-door product demos, videos are readily made available on the web.


Indeed, technology influences people in every aspect of life. Although the ways of the old still exist and are still proven to be effective, a wider and faster approach is too good to pass up for a lot of individuals. Even so, a lot of businessmen and women still prefer the traditional way of doing business.


Although automation and technologies such as Robots and smart software can do complicated business actions, the benefits of interpersonal and face to face relationships never get outdated. A friend request pales in comparison to a handshake, and a private message melts to the warmness a simple “hello” can make. 


The same goes in the world of business. How entrepreneurs exchange ideas typically go like this: “Hello-Handshake-Exchange of information-Handshake-Exchange cards-Goodbye.” As stated above, a lot of ways can be done to reach each other personally: phone calls, private messages, and email. 


However, cards are more formal and respectful regarding showing interest towards the businesses done by each party. Here are some reasons why Business Cards are still relevant in the world of business:


Businesses are built on mutual and physical relationships, not by swapping online contact information. Business cards eliminate that informality and show a sincere interest in the other party. Although exchanging contact information is convenient, it is also extremely impolite and informal. Remember, starting a business requires people to be professional in a way they present themselves to each other.

First Impressions

First Impressions do last. A business card is an effective way of showing another person that the company you represent is professional and dedicated. Therefore, it is a good idea that a business card should look sleek and professional. 


A person can have a hard time remembering a person by just an email. An email or private message can easily be overlooked and when that happens, it’s usually a no go. A card however, is physical in form and can easily be retrieved. Remember, first impressions last and an online message pales in comparison to a good business card. 


Business cards can show to other people how dedicated and prepared a businessman is when it comes to building relationships regarding business. It is a common sight to see two individuals trying to exchange information, and one is scrambling to get a pen. In most cases, the other person would get a phone only to find out that the battery is dead. 


That situation would almost certainly be a deal breaker because it shows a high level of unprofessionalism. People should prepare business cards to avoid those awkward situations. That way a sense of professionalism and dedication is openly displayed.


Although the availability of methods that make life convenient are abundant in the modern world, the ways of the old still keep up and are just as effective. A perfect example of this situation is in how people conduct business. The internet provides a lot of alternatives for growing a business but how is it that business meetings and appointments are still existing? 


Business cards, like handshakes and simple “hellos,” can never become obsolete as these are ways that can develop a business relationship on a more professional and formal front.


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