We are often told to “shop around” for the best services, and for a lot of things this is certainly true. When it comes to cars, however, when you find a dealership to work with, you should make them your firm and consistent partner for all matters with your car, and there are many good reasons for that. Here, we’ll explain why working directly with your dealership is always the best way to go.

First, they’re your one-stop shop

At the dealership, you can get all the car services you need in one place. Even if there is another place you know with a slightly cheaper car wash, for example, when you factor in the time and gas money to get there, it can’t possibly be worth it, can it? Sales, finance options, repairs, detailing and more — all at your local dealership.


Second, they’re your best bank of expertise

Most dealerships specialize in one or a small handful of car brands. You may think that fixing a car is simply a question of knowing your way around a car’s basic parts, but that’s just it…each brand is a bit different. Dealership mechanics are specialists in the models that their location sells. They have built up their wealth of experience specifically working on cars like yours, and so will not make mistakes like some a less experienced mechanic would with the same model.


Third, they have the right tools

Further to the point about mechanics knowledge, they also have the proper tools to fix and maintain your car. If you bought a Chrysler from the local dealership, then their repair shop is kitted out with the right tools, spare parts and whatnot made specifically for Chrysler cars. So, it’s not just the know-how, but the hardware, too that gives dealerships the edge.


Finally, you can build a rapport

When you work with one place, you have a better opportunity establish a good working relationship with all the staff who go with you on your car’s journey. From the salesperson to the general manager, down to the detailers, mechanics and more. You get one team, with one purpose, all working for you and getting to know you. That’s easier done at the dealership than at a bunch of places all spread out around town.


The dealership is far from just a shop floor, it’s a local partner with whom you can engage. Pay a visit to your local dealership and see just how much they can do for you.

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