Camping is one of the common leisure activities for family and friends. Especially summer vacations cannot get fulfilled without at least a day in the woods. There are certain things that are essential for camping, such as a tent, emergency fire supplies, mattress, food, water, and insect repellent. You cannot bring cooked for a week of camping. It will get rotten and you’ll end up starving. That is why you should bring raw cooking essentials. You’ll have the fire, so you can cook them in the woods. But the problem is you cannot carry every pan and pot. This is where Pie iron comes as a lifesaver. Continue reading to find out its various benefits for camping.

Enjoy Cooking Together

The fun of cooking together with your kids and family will be missed when you choose to go for readymade food. You can include cooking as an activity for kids while camping. As a matter of truth, nobody is going to cook a feast right in the middle of the woods as it’ll take lots of time and effort. Cooking a simple meal or re-heating the food you bought (in one-day camping) is the sensible thing to do. So you can ask the kids to chop vegetables or fetch some water, if they are over age 10 you can even ask them to build a fire or look after the cooking meal. 

As already said pie iron makes cooking in the woods effortless and fun. Unlike normal house utensils, it has lengthy handlebars, lengthy enough to hold it far from the fire. So even if you’re asking the kids to look after the pan, they’ll be very much safe from fire. 


It’s the major factor to buy pie irons in the first place. Everyone knows that packing for a camping trip is exhausting. Though you’ll need many things, you have to minimize the luggage to lessen the carrying burden. That’s why many people feel cooking in the woods is an unnecessary burden and choose to go for cooked or readymade foods. But nothing can beat the taste of a freshly cooked meal, right? Manufacturers understood this concern and came up with a product called pie iron. It has long handles and a removable head. Ergo, whether you’d like to cook the food closed to preserve its aroma or cook in open, you can use it either way. And it won’t take much space in your luggage. It’s very handy and lightweight; in fact, you’ll be carrying much less weight than actually carrying a fully cooked meal.

Moreover, the pie iron is a multi-purpose product, you can use it to grill to enjoy your little barbeque party, use it as a pan or pot to cook anything and everything. And need not worry about grease, it’s a non-stick product. And it’s high temperature and pressure resistant. Simple hot water washes and patting dry will be enough to clean the pie iron. And if you store it dry, it’ll be rust-free. With all these advantages, who wouldn’t want to have a fresh meal on their camping trip?

How to Buy One?

Well, search in local shops as well as online shops to buy the best pie iron. Though you won’t be using it in an everyday manner, buying a quality product is essential to ensure its longevity. Check whether the iron is stronger or not. Ask them if the handles are heat-free for easy usage. Catechize different brand products before making a decision. 

The above-mentioned factors would have made you realize why you must get a Pie iron for your next trip into the woods.

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