Why You Need to Start Using Antioxidant Skin Care 1

Modern life takes its toll on our skin all the time. The constant stress, pollution, sun exposure and food we eat, may leave skin looking dull and worn over the years. As a result, I’m always looking to remain youthful and glowing. Skincare experts and dermatologists have long discussed the benefits of antioxidant products.

Why You Need to Start Using Antioxidant Skin Care 1

Pure MD’s brand-new serum, Triple Threat is a potent antioxidant and anti-aging skin serum. It blends Vitamins C and E, Thiotane and Flourish f(x) complex. All these ingredients protect against the free radicals that can lead to wrinkles, sun damage, and premature aging. Triple Threat's silky texture and flawless formula can easily be called a “fountain of youth.” It’s a great way to jump-start your morning or settle in for the night. Perfect for men and women.

Why You Need to Start Using Antioxidant Skin Care 2

Take On the World with Triple Threat Antioxidant

Above all, antioxidant serums such as Pure MD’s Triple Threat include some of the greatest anti-agers. Containing multiple potent antioxidants, they help to prevent wrinkles from oxidative damage. Also, the antioxidants may result in enabling the repair in skin cells that are exposed to UV light. Therefore, after you apply this product, you’ll see a radiance over the skin and with long term use, it will help to build collagen and firmness.

Why You Need to Start Using Antioxidant Skin Care 3

Pure MD is an innovative cosmeceutical skin care line that has bridged the gap between prescription-based products and over-the-counter cosmetics. By using pure botanical and scientific cosmetic ingredients, Pure MD has developed a revolutionary collection of products. Created by Amanda Gorecki, a seasoned medical professional and owner of the destination med-spa, Healing Waters, Pure MD contains the highest-quality ingredients. Thankfully, CEO and Founder Amanda knows that what goes into products does matter and she only wanted to work with ingredients that she would put on her own skin.

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