We have a set idea of what money is and should be. That, of course, is based on some of the older principles of value exchange. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is the internet’s response to value systems. In this day and age of uncertainty, it’s good to know that there are people actively looking to change the most fundamental aspects in our everyday lives. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is the internet’s response to value systems where you can also play to earn. As a modern, internet-using individual, it makes sense to participate in this global currency change and exchange. 

If you’re not convinced, here’s a few good reasons why you should start making the switch. 


Inflation is a term used most often in boring talks about government spending and world banks. They speak on it with such slow and repetitive language. It can put anyone to sleep. The truth is, inflation is a fast approaching and economy-killing problem that most of the western world can easily slip into. It’s also the prime issue that the bitcoin loophole trading platform solves. In a debt/credit system with a fiat currency, the price of bread can be $1.00. If the central bank decided to print more money to cover debts, the amount of circulating money becomes less valuable. That $1.00 loaf of bread can go up to $2.00. If you want to learn more on cryptocurrency, check ICO vs IPO.

The problem is, the value of your money changed, but not the amount. Now you can’t afford bread. With the bitcoin loophole trading platform.  you can keep your money circulating in cryptocurrency, which functions outside that monetary debt cycle, driving prices up and diluting the value.  

Decentralized Control

No one person can shut down or change the base coding of cryptocurrency. The way the system works, is that there needs to be a 51% ownership for an individual to gain access to its core mechanisms. The only problem is that there’s only a certain number of crypto with millions of incremental owners. Bitcoin, for example, only has 21 million units available. That’s spread out, cut, traded, and resold among roughly 14 million people. Getting a majority to say anything is near impossible. The system stands. 

Blockchain Technology

There are plenty of ways to get cryptocurrency. The most efficient is to use a trading platform. But some cryptos such as Ethereum use their blockchain technology to create: user incentives, faucets, referral programs, as well as mining. This new technology is the decentralized equivalent of a banking referral system and interest accrual without the banks' looming control. This puts the power and responsibility in the individual’s hands. They can do what they want with their cryptocurrency and choose how they want it to grow. For example, whereas some people might choose to buy bitcoin with venmo, others might decide to reinvest their profits into a different cryptocurrency.


Nobody is expecting people to convert all their assets into cryptocurrency. As much as control, banks, and inflation pose a problem, we still need to function normally. But it is equally unwise to not have crypto in your portfolio. Start with 5%. Get your foot in the door and take advantage of auto trading systems. From there, you open the line to shifting your assets in and out as you please. It gives you options. That’s the whole point.

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