Why You Should Consider a Horse-Riding Holiday

The holidays are for people to relax and take part in less tedious activities. During the weekend breaks, it is essential to spend your time in a way that will be beneficial to your health and improve your mood. Apart from that, you should enhance the functionality of your brain, which will lead to an increase in productivity once you resume your daily activities. There are several activities that one can do to make the holiday break worthwhile. Your goal during the holiday season should be making the time and moments memorable.

Once you do something that you fear most or travel to a country that you've always dreamt of, there is no doubt that the holiday break will be memorable. Involving yourself in something new, be it an activity or going to a country you've never been to, you're guaranteed to learn a new skill or language.

Make sure that you have perfected your unique expertise or communication, and most importantly, you have spent some time with your family and had enough sleep, which is crucial when improving our brain's health.

Since it’s a holiday weekend break, this means that you are allowed to leave on your house on a Saturday morning and be back early enough the following day to report for work on Monday. Therefore, you can hire a car and visit the land of ice and fire, more commonly referred to as Iceland.

It is a fact that the best way to experience Iceland’s serene and natural environment is by horse riding. While horse riding, you are guaranteed to see glaciers, lagoons, volcanoes, and make frequent stops to swim in hot water springs.

The Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic horses available at Mr. Iceland have a great history as they were brought to Iceland in the 10th century. They are the oldest and purest breed of horses in the world. In Iceland, approximately one in every five people owns a horse. The horses are small but have incredible strength. Other unique characteristics of Icelandic horse is that they are intelligent, patient, and very friendly.

One crucial factor that one needs to consider while choosing a holiday activity is its comfort. The Icelandic horses are quite comfortable to ride no matter the speed. Therefore, even if you are a newbie in horse riding, you don’t need to worry about bouncing in the saddle as you journey through the rough, uneven terrain.

The Best Season for a Horse Ride

Iceland is always a beautiful country at all times. However, the best season for a horse ride is between April and September. This because it's a summer season in these months. Therefore, you can visit as many places as possible. It is important to note that during the winter, most roads are closed, so you can only experience short rides.

The Incredible Places One Can Visit in Iceland

There are several places one can visit in Iceland and see the serene and unique natural environment. Some of these areas include southern Iceland, the Reykjavik, the Golden Circle, Northern Iceland, and other regions with intriguing sights.

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